What South Koreans Think Of America | ASIAN BOSS

What South Koreans Think Of America | ASIAN BOSS

Watch Part 1 of the “What Asians think of America” series here:

In this second installment of the “What Asians think of America” series, we asked South Koreans to share their honest thoughts about America and Americans. Some of their answers were surprising to say the least.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population.

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20 Responses

  1. Asian Boss says:

    Thanks for watching, everybody. We will soon be releasing a video on “What North Koreans think of America” so make sure you hit subscribe and turn on the notification. You won’t wanna miss that video! Also, we’ve been putting up Asia-related posts on Instagram so make sure to follow us and let us know if you have suggestions/stories.

  2. 김홍준 says:

    I am definitely interested in people’s opinions about the US, but I think it would be more interesting if the interviews were focused on other countries such as European countries, African countries, South American countries too. In fact, there are a lot of viewers who aren’t from the US, and want to hear opinions about other nations..

  3. Ataliena says:

    Pelvis size ?

  4. Cool Gal says:

    Can you do pther countries like south asian or middle eastern because don’t know what koreans have to say about them at all. Listening about America is fun too but I would appreciate if you would invlude other countries too.

  5. when i saw your mother says:

    now make what north koreans think of americans

  6. 베네데따 smile says:

    why always America tho? I mean it’s not like only America exists ugh. I hope you will consider to ask about other countries next time T_T thank you for the video anyways~

  7. simmyrx says:

    “But former President Park just got impeached…”
    “Like I said… there could be a lot of similarities”
    I DIED

  8. fanboyspemdas says:

    why dont the Japanese get asked questions with this kind of depth? their video is also 2 minutes shorter.

  9. Akhil Bablu says:

    title should be…”what Koreans think about Donald trump and racism in America” 😛

  10. Callister says:

    Racism is worse for us Asians because even black people join in on the discrimination.

  11. Jeremiah Hisel says:

    First time I’ve ever heard someone say Asians face more racism than African American people in America… One sugestion for the interviewers is please make sure you’re not leading the person(s) you’re interviewing with your questions. I think it might be a cultural thing to agree with someone when they make a statement so they don’t feel uneasy however it leads the person down one path of thinking whereas they might have changed their mind and said something else, but now they feel obligated to continue to agree with you. Anyway keep up the good work, and people from around the world please remember we(Americans) aren’t defined solely on our president, this is why we have a Senate and Congress in place to challenge his decisions.

  12. MsMusicAholic1 says:

    but koreans are racist too ,just saying .

  13. Trufax says:

    Where did they get the idea that racism against asians is worse than against black people in america? The mocking of asian people is sadly more normalized and people get with it easier than with other minorities but on an institutional level i doubt black people got it better. Im not american though, so I could be wrong

  14. khlee28 says:

    As a Korean person myself that has been living overseas for all of my life, I really didn’t appreciate some of the assumptions Koreans have of racism overseas as even in Korea they can’t fix any of the racism and prejudice that’s so deeply embedded in the culture. It’s quite frustrating to hear opinions on how they’d like other places to get rid of their racism/stereotyping/profiling, when it’s a somewhat taboo topic itself in Korea. There must be some thing they can also do to combat their own prejudice against other Asians/foreigners before criticising others.

  15. MissK says:

    I remember living in Germany, the young daughter of the family I lived with pulled her eyes back to make them like slits as a joke, the family didn’t seem to care. I was bloody mortified

  16. jason starling says:

    i’m korean I was angry at the video and writing.
    Every time I see this channel, it’s always inconvenient. Because most of the people in this video have a lot of ignorant remarks. Does the Korean think of Trump as Park? It’s not
    Is there a lot of racism in America? Korea is more racist. There are many ignorant remarks during the interview.

    I think that a few interviews have become an think of ​​Korea. I wish korean could think about myself before koream blame others

  17. aznfangrl612 says:

    asians are considered more accepted than black people which is ridiculous. It’s cause we’re considered the “model minority” >_>

  18. JenJen says:

    I am an American, while being raised our Mother taught us ( me and my sisters) this: “No matter where you are from in this world everyone is the same, we all have 2 arms, 2 legs, and 2 eyes all in the same place. We ALL bleed Red Blood. We Live Love and DIE for the ALL the same reasons.” I have taught my children the same way, and I hope they will teach

  19. Jensonsational says:

    It’s really about generalizing when you think about it….

    Ask Koreans what they think of America and they reply “Trump, Hamburgers, Hip Hop, Food, Racism” etc.
    Ask Americans what they think of South Korea and they reply “Kim Jong Un, Propaganda, Nuclear bombs, Kpop, Platic Surgery”.

    There’s nothing but generalizing over here and *ALOT* of it has to do with the modern media.

  20. Rosie Kane says:

    ” I think racism against Asians could be worse than against Blacks”

    I don’t think so buddy. ?

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