What Surprises us About Japan and South Korea

What Surprises us About Japan and South Korea

We’ve been living in South Korea for seven years now. Rachel’s been in and out of Japan for over five years. When we go to each other’s countries, what are the things that surprise us the most, as foreigners used to living in South Korea and Japan? We’ll talk about that for this week’s TL;DR, featuring Rachel from RachelandJun!

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20 Responses

  1. JA KIM says:

    hmmmm change the name u do not represent Korea

  2. Dangershoes says:

    I’m confused. you both said you will say something on the others channel.
    are there more videos,or are you two being sneaky?

  3. WhatKiko says:

    nobody in Mexico thinks I can speak Spanish, and no one in America thinks I
    can speak English

  4. refebure says:

    After a long, delayed flight I arrived in Paris. Feeling like I had
    inconvenienced my friend who went to pick me up I rushed out of the
    airport, even though I really needed to pee. So we get to his house and I
    ask where the bathroom is and he told me. I get there and I look around:
    “Bathtub… sink… washer and dryer… armoire… ummm… where’s the
    toilet?” I took me a while to get used to the idea that the toilet could be
    separate from the bathroom! Every time I had to go to the toilet I would
    walk into the bathroom, and then downstairs to the little toilet

  5. Jennifer Keller says:

    Lived in soul and the taxi drivers where nuts and drove like manics.lol

  6. Phil May says:

    funny enough my girlfriend and i have just moved to canada from the uk.
    differences so far:
    x1000 more squirrels everywhere!
    everyone seems to be upbeat about almost everything which is super weird to
    cynical bastards like us brits :p
    in winnipeg where we are currently theres a big racism debate regarding
    first nations. where back in the uk immigration spurs a lot of racism

  7. Greatest Ever says:

    Tell her to not tuck her hair behind her ears. 

  8. Dojan5 says:

    I’ve noticed that north Americans are very loud in general. Whenever I’m
    talking to my American/Canadian friends I end up thinking “Why are you
    yelling at me? Please stop shouting 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。”

  9. John Kuschel says:

    Best of luck to your Blue Jays.

  10. Beatrix Larson (伭捻ツイスト) says:

    How they are doing that? you just did it Martina …

  11. Li Monica says:

    zan 12345

  12. LisahTali says:

    even in England americans/canadians are realy loud
    xD the accent is so strong its really harsh and sounds hella loud xD

  13. 강한솔 says:

    머리색 이뿌다

  14. MiNA MoO says:

    ☺ my culture shock was: a loverly little old lady trying to get me and my
    bestie to marry her 2 sons ? – she didn’t speak english and our Japanese
    was pretty poor, so funny. i found that the older generation was either
    really interested in where we came from or really mad we were there. we
    were in japan for 6 weeks and you slowly noticed this. oh and just want to
    put out a huge thanks to the lady that translated for us ?

  15. cute kitty says:

    Awesome! I watch both your channels. That is cool that you know each other.

  16. Nathan Chen says:

    You guys should never make clickbait or else we’ll all attack you for
    clickbaiting us D:<

  17. Frea says:

    i can’t stop comparing martina’s head size to rachel’s

  18. MaaikeInJapan says:

    Yaaaay Eat Your Kimchi with Rachel ! Nice video !!!

  19. Aurifere says:

    I’m from Germany and moved 6 years ago to Switzerland. Even it’s a
    neighbour country and they speak kinda the same language (Swiss German)
    where I live it is quite different. Like Swiss are more reserved and very
    polite while Germans say directly what they think which can cause some
    misunderstandings. xD

  20. Wess Adams says:

    Both videos is super negative towards Korea