What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life

What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life

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As Halloween 2017 fast approaches, so does the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer’s addictive blend of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. The Netflix thriller became the unexpected hit of 2016 and propelled its young cast members to levels of fame they couldn’t have dreamed of when they answered that first casting call. But what are the kids of Hawkins, Indiana like away from the cameras? This is what the cast of Stranger Things looks like in real life…

Millie Bobby Brown | 0:25
Finn Wolfhard | 1:05
Gaten Matarazzo | 1:35
Caleb McLaughlin | 2:20
Noah Schnapp | 2:47
Natalia Dyer | 3:19
Joe Keery | 3:44
Charlie Heaton | 4:25
Shannon Purser | 4:56

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19 Responses

  1. K K says:

    I wanna spank Barb in the booty cheeks

  2. Lucas Jewett says:

    Love this show!!!

  3. dont click my channel says:

    Sooo exactly the same

  4. Mycroft Beaufighter says:

    Eleven is hot

  5. Eduardo Ramirez says:

    man this is crazy.. it’s not like the show is filmed in REAL LIFE or anything.

  6. Tom Rees says:

    I would tounge punch barbs rusty sheriff’s badge.

  7. the nigga around the corner says:

    This is a pointless video

  8. Jonny Britton says:

    Doesn’t Millie Bobby Brown look like a younger version of Maria Hill from the Avengers

  9. Syed Imran says:

    where is Winona Ryder ? she acted brilliantly

  10. The Adster 2.04 says:

    WHAT, I just realised that barb was also in riverdale how have I not noticed this

  11. Jordan Herkowski says:

    I was a bit disappointed to learn that the Duffer brothers originally intended Stranger Things to be an anthology series but let Netflix talk them out of it. Netflix was right and people did fall in love with these kids and wanted to see more of them, but it didn’t occur to them to keep the same cast just have them play different characters each season?

  12. Ryan Littrell says:

    Bring back the guy with the British accent

  13. marcopolo208 says:

    Shannon Purser(Barb) is hot, hopefully she comes back in season 2. Some flashback of her would be nice.

  14. stateofhibernation says:

    Poor barb, not even a funeral for her :.(

  15. Helicard says:

    They grew hair since you last saw them on Looper

  16. Maxx B says:

    It’s Stranger Things. Barb could be resurected, zombied, monstered, possessed… Who knows what might happen. I hope she does come back. Boy would Nancy feel guilty if she came back ‘altered’. I’d like to see Barb come back with a changed personality. Really confident and outgoing. The change would be enough to make everyone question if it was Barb that returned from the Upside down or something else. The writers could keep everyone guessing for a long time. Especially if they had her actions seem really questionable as to if it’s the new found confidence, or something inside her, trying to survive it’s escape of the Upside down any cost.

  17. Lauren Nunez says:

    Justice for Barb

  18. Pablo Vargas says:

    I cant wait for season 2 and it!

  19. Eastwood007x says:

    Barb is the embodiment of my girlfriend goals.

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