What The World Thinks Of The U.S. Election

What The World Thinks Of The U.S. Election

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The 2016 election is not only creating conversations in the U.S but all around the world.
So what do others think about the U.S election?

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Written by: Jennie Butler or Jules Suzdaltsev
Edited by: Alex Estevez
Produced by: Cailyn Bradley, Semany Gashaw & Lauren Ellis

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20 Responses

  1. M ason says:

    I can tell you what South Korea think of this election: the general
    consensus is that Koreans, especially the government, worry that the strong
    alliance Korea has with US will weaken if Trump becomes the next president.
    He’s been bashing on S Korea, one the biggest allies of US, how we don’t
    contribute to the troops. That is a big fat lie. Korea already pays a
    significant amount of money to US for their troops in Korea. People are
    pissed that Trump suddenly act like the sole reason of US troops stationing
    in Korea is for Korea’s protection only. That is also a pile of horse shit
    and every Korean knows it; US troops in Korea serves as a warning to China
    and North Korea, as well as Russia; to keep ’em in check. WTF, Dickhead

  2. Farrukh Rahoo says:

    No matter what may come by 2030 USA would be so fucked up.

  3. Daniel Snook says:

    Well I’m from the United Kingdom, and am very pro trump! Down with the

  4. Chase Morgan says:

    you didn’t mention how Russia wants Trump to become president because he
    wants peace with Russia

  5. Godot says:

    2016 is going to be the year that no-one wants to talk about

  6. Brendan Geormer says:

    I would have liked to see the opinions of some more right-leaning
    countries, like Russia and some of the Slavic countries.

  7. Papa Francesco says:

    Why do I feel this is mostly targeted towards Trump? I mean jesus christ,
    she rigged the primaries for fucks sake. In no way do i support Trump, but
    at least he doesn’t have blood on his hands like Hillary.

  8. Julian KMS says:

    From Canada

  9. Ifly 777 says:

    Let’s just admit that Hillary and Donald is rated as America’s most hated
    people. If Americans have a chance, they would prefer to not pick Hillary
    and Donald.

  10. Jevik - NBA Highlights 2016/17 says:

    Vote trump to save usa

  11. VIGILANTIA says:

    Germanistan, the french, and mexican “academics”. Is this a joke?

  12. Preston Garvey says:

    The answer is simple
    We hate Hillary and we hate Trump.
    And most of us think that Bernie should have won.

  13. A Bird Concerned for Humankind says:

    Wow, this is so biased on Trump. I don’t support either but I hate when a
    news company tries to persuade people like that.

  14. Chronos5618 says:

    So taking a single person’s opinion from a handful of countries is
    considered representative of the rest of the world? You didn’t even have
    the decency to give us some details about who the people interviewed were
    and why they were selected. Regardless of the political leaning of the
    video and the conclusions drawn, the low standards of journalism is
    evident. Poor show Seeker.

  15. watcherjohnny says:

    “This ad was approved and paid for by the Clinton Campaign”.

  16. Hipsty Hopsty (Sonic Halo Fan) says:

    Its a joke, you guys have been looked at like idiots by the entire world,
    and it really makes me sad

  17. Frederic La Roche says:

    The rest of the world thinks that you’ve all gone bonkers!

  18. cristi1990an says:

    Here in Romania, Donald Trump is seen as a clown and the subject of many
    bad jokes.

  19. Ahmed Sékou Touré says:

    a majority of nigerians and africans support Trum. Not because we like him
    but because Obama was imperialist

  20. JT Faisa says:

    Who the fuck compares Hillary to Thatcher? LOL