What, there’s an Articuno in Pokemon Go now

What, there’s an Articuno in Pokemon Go now

Update: The owner of the articuno did a livestream trying to prove the legitimacy https://www.twitch.tv/endersgw/v/81373999

As far as I’m aware the only way to fake these pokemon is to set up a local server on your own wifi effectively creating a private server that does not sync to niantic’s servers. The livestream shows the articuno still there after switching to mobile data. Another possibility is running the server off the android device itself somehow, but they also showed a fresh install of pokemon go on an ios device that appears to be unjailbroken. I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that you can modify the game files to reskin a pokemon but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was possible. As for the comments saying it looks like a pidgeot, the code for the legendaries are in the game and they can be seen using the MITM local server. This is the real model for Articuno.

A friend showed me a facebook link with some poor quality pictures of an articuno in a gym battle, so I figured out where the gym was but it had been taken down. A few minutes after the person who owns the articuno took another gym a little bit away and I managed to find it using nox.

More information can be found here https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/4vql8r/multiple_screenshots_by_different_people_have/

I did not fake the articuno, the articuno was there and is real. Feel free to disagree, not much I can do to convince anyone. The only thing faked in this video is my gps location.

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  1. Krem bro says:


  2. Dirty Sanchez says:

    All of you sound like prof oak when ash told him he saw ho oh

  3. Magic Toaster says:

    This is fake. You figure it out.

  4. Luis Sosa says:

    That is so fake!!!!

  5. Mario Reyna says:

    How to get articuno in Pokemon Go watch my recent video!! No hacks!!

  6. Tim Ritter says:


  7. Random Gamer says:

    I think it’s real, just hacked.

  8. Nils Log says:


  9. MurkyWings _1738 says:


  10. Dangerous Potatoe says:

    Dude you’re on trending congrats

  11. A0 donnie says:


  12. Fernando Borja says:

    This is faker than singles in my area that want to fuck

  13. DEAD COW says:


  14. Treefrog Johnson says:

    fake n gay

  15. Fizzy says:

    What’s next? Half life 3?

  16. 2Sophista2 says:

    even when it’s a fake… ‘muricans still have a big advantage above all
    other players. Ther’re more rare pokemon that spawn often and they got the
    game first.
    Niantic really has to fix the rare pokemon spawnrate.

  17. Youknowmyname says:


  18. Martin Rivera says:


  19. Lewis Gerry says:

    Fake. No way Mystic has a gym…

  20. Swanky 12 says:

    lol get this idiot banned for using cheats lmao?