What To Do If Your Parachute Fails

What To Do If Your Parachute Fails

So you’re skydiving at 12,500 feet, and after pulling your parachute cord, a whole bunch of nothing happens. You did a quick Google search in the air cause you’ve got that mad LTE coverage, and you need a quick (like, REAL quick) tutorial on what to do next. You’ve come to the right place.

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20 Responses

  1. :p says:

    Why would you make a video that’s 4 minutes long when I’m about to hit the ground in about 10 secon

  2. Greatest Ever says:

    This a fucking awesome video beginning to end.

  3. lonewolfreaper21 says:

    Hey man.. that’s not enough time to watch this video while falling.

  4. Cards says:

    1:18 not like i needed my legs or anything..

  5. voteZDLR says:

    I hear it hurts less if you hit the ground with your head first.

  6. BrD says:

    Will this work for my grades?

  7. TheRealTrikein says:

    Hellp! About to hit the ground in 3 seconds, QUICK what do I DO!!!!Q!!@

  8. ben l says:

    I always suspected parachutes are for wusses.

  9. YUKI INU says:

    main shute fails, back up shoot fails, its your responsiability to choose people that you can trust to pack and check the shutes correctly, before you leave the ground.

  10. Chipwhitley274 says:

    Damn… his silver lining list turned from consoling… to making it a downright tempting proposition…

  11. Spaghetti Saucy says:

    Awe the ending makes me want to survive a fall from a plane.

  12. Comet Streak says:

    Funny how you only have 74.25 secs put what to do takes about a min and a half

  13. Carter Warn says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen in a long time lolol

  14. Abdullh Albadani says:

    Why does he say try to land in a pond, but then says not water? 🤔

  15. The Era says:

    from 12000ft ur pretty much gonna die

  16. CaptainClipy says:

    Mr. McConnell, may I ask if I could use your video in an animation? Thanks, much appreciated.

  17. Christmas Ewok says:

    *reads title* well you think about what the medics will find, you think about your family, and you realize your in a ball of rope falling to the ground about to die

  18. DanteFernandez says:

    Damn . Sucks for the people watching this video while trying to survive . 75 seconds later .. Rip..

  19. halffulltome says:

    Land in a swamp!!! Don’t land in water!!!

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