What To Know About The U.S. Missile Attack On Syria | TIME

What To Know About The U.S. Missile Attack On Syria | TIME

The U.S. fired dozens of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase Thursday, the first direct assault by American forces against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
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What To Know About The U.S. Missile Attack On Syria | TIME

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20 Responses

  1. Sharky says:

    these are dark times

  2. Nonu says:

    The Syrian rebels used the chemical weapons and use Assad as a Scapegoat.
    Don’t let the Western Media Fool you.

  3. Victor Cr says:

    OH but “muh pictures of kids” 60 IQ orange monkey sucking Israeli dick!

  4. Fusion Destroyer says:

    I love fireworks?

  5. S M says:

    Nice. Attack an abandoned field and let your Russian spy friends know so they won’t get hurt too. Publicity stunt to take the heat off of the investigation.

  6. PremiumSoul says:

    59???? but but but CNN states it was 60 missiles

  7. Lex Luthor says:

    Finally a news video that actually explains what happened. We’re not getting nuked kids, go back to your safe space.

  8. Child of God says:

    ‘Wars and Rumors of Wars’
    Not my words..

  9. Show me that big Booty right now! says:

    I don’t understand why he suddenly seems concerned with Muslim kids dying

  10. Mr Pyro says:

    This seems like it was done simply to draw attention. That base has little value as far as attack targets go.

  11. majed8192 says:

    Killing people with chemicals is wrong and would be avenged but killing them with bombs with fire burring them alive raping them keeping them locked in prisons until they starve to death Yeah that’s cool AS LONG AS YOU DON’T USE CHEMICALS

  12. DylanDude says:

    This video was uploaded an hour ago, and the comment section is already terrible.

  13. Danish S says:

    If they’re so helpless why did he ban the immigration of the people??

  14. Janice Rigsbee says:

    Assad is killing his own people not just Muslims Christians too.he’s evil and needs to be stopped.

  15. The Real Damon Jackson says:

    why are people upset about this?
    it’s a good thing that syria was bombed.

  16. Sally Mae says:

    Trump is crazy Republican what are you doing? are you going to let this fool start ww3.get off your asses and do something. what’s is wrong with you all dumb ass.

  17. Akash Mishra says:

    I don’t like Trump but I Proudly Support President Donald Trump on This, Finally Someone with the balls to do what’s right…..

  18. #TeddyBH20 #steadyteddy #teddy2gloves #5Hunnit says:

    Angrily declaring that the attack would not go unpunished, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad vowed swift retaliation on his nation’s civilians Friday for the U.S. missile strike on the al-Shayrat air base. “In response to the egregious aggression of the United States, I promise to stop at nothing to crush the Syrian people quickly and decisively,” said Assad, announcing a full-scale military assault on noncombatants in residential neighborhoods throughout Syria that would make the U.S. “sorely regret its unprovoked and criminal deeds.”
    All the proof you need that we need to remove the Syrian president

  19. Jay Rod says:

    Trump got more balls than Obama

  20. Michael Lampkin says:

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