What Trump’s Private Meeting in Mexico Probably Looked Like

What Trump’s Private Meeting in Mexico Probably Looked Like

Honestly, Trump had this coming for sleeping with the Mexican president’s lover while he was in a coma.

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19 Responses

  1. aguilacahc000 says:

    *Judges in Spanish*

  2. Tony K says:

    Trump2016 ladies like it or not!

  3. Mauricio Calderón Mora says:

    We, mexican citizens, are outraged of that invitation after Trump has
    insulted us. I just want to make clear that 74% of mexicans disapprove Peña
    Nieto’s presidency and an even larger number disapproves Trump’s visit.

  4. AsSheLikesIt says:

    Lame. ANYONE would look “presidential” standing at a podium talking to a
    foreign leader. Is the bar so low that nobody gives a shit about the what
    this actually accomplished i.e. NOTHING!!! Trump is supposed to be a master
    negotiator but was too much of a pussy to discuss the ONE thing he was
    supposed to – the payment for the dumbass wall. What a loser.

  5. siKC One The Great says:

    they both fuck heads

  6. धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर says:

    @2:48 but they are known as mexicans as per President of Mexico who said he
    is responsible for protection of mexicans in mexico and out of it, i.e. in
    america, so Trump agreed to President when called the 2nd 3rd generations
    as mexicans, if you zoom in on President of Mexico, he was happy to hear

  7. 123haninhk says:

    what’s the title of the telenovela? I wanna see it

  8. DerekMesser says:

    Trump2016 is equivalent to Kony12, its all a big joke.

  9. Skaarphy says:

    It’s not a podium, it’s a lectern. :(

  10. Ryu Hayabusa says:

    i bet his next stunt is a meeting with the Saudi royals and him saying that
    he loves Muslims, the following one is him in a black neighbour and saying
    how much he loves the black people. This guy is a joke, I don’t buy any of
    his shit.

  11. Steve27775 says:

    Put anyone in a suit behind a podium and in front of a flag and they’ll
    look presidential. It’s not about the person, but the props. But like Bush,
    Trump can only fake it until he opens his mouth.

  12. Drace90 says:

    His supporters should really think about their standards. They get all hung
    up on how “presidential” he looked like. Yeah, big deal! He managed to stay
    on a stage, read from a sheet of paper and managed to not insult someone or
    talk about his penis or brag about himself for about five minutes. That’s
    it? That’s how low we hang the bar for this guy? He actually accomplished
    to do what should be a given for any politician… or any polite being in
    general… for a limited amount of time. Congratulation. *slow clap*

    Take a note from Mexican’s president. He politely invited Trump and treated
    him with respect, depsite all the bullshit that Trump has said about
    mexicans and done to the mexican-american relationship. Because that’s how
    a politician has to be. Respectfull. Not spitefull, foulmouthed and
    constantly bragging about himself, which he somehow sells to people as

  13. Cinemaniac Jean says:

    at this point i screamed WHAT’S HAPPENING too, because the joke is being a
    bit oversused and the situation is beyond fitting…

  14. Michael Woods says:

    lol you liberals are so fucking stupid – *Trump gets invited to Mexico by
    the president and they meet and have a discussion. Liberals response – “oh
    that’s, that’s …. racist, sexist, homphobic!!” Jump off a cliff morons.

  15. Jess R says:

    Trump is not full of candy… He is full of gold coins…

  16. James Brady says:

    Right so Trump was able to refrain from expositing racially aggressive
    statements for one press junket and all of a sudden he seems
    ‘presidential?’ Get a grip. Also why did the Mexican president allow this
    to take place considering how it seems to be helping his campaign? I can’t
    imagine this is in their best interest

  17. Temp User says:

    I finally found somebody who’s dumber than Trump in this election: the
    Mexican presidents.

  18. Real Deal says:

    Just replace ‘probably looked like’ with ‘actually looked like’

  19. ydoomsc says:

    When was the last time Mexico stood for anything? No heart and no courage I
    seriously doubt the little Peña Nieto stood tall against TRUMP. Viva