What Uses Less Gas – Coasting Or Engine Braking?

What Uses Less Gas – Coasting Or Engine Braking?

Is It More Efficient To Coast In Neutral Or In Gear?
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What uses less gas? Coasting in neutral, or engine braking? Of course, the answer is it depends. A simple example? If you’re approaching a red light, and know that it’s going to remain red, engine braking will slow you down without using any fuel, and will be the most efficient option. If you know for a fact that the light is going to turn green before you reach it (which, you don’t, but hypothetically), then it’s more efficient to coast in neutral and maintain your speed, then get back on the accelerator once the light has turned green.

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  1. Engineering Explained says:

    Important Note: This video applies to *modern cars with electronic fuel injection* (gas, diesel, manual, automatic, DCT, CVT, etc). New cars sold today will all work like this (though there are always random exceptions). As you go back in model years, it will vary manufacturer to manufacturer which completely shut off fuel or continue to inject. Carbureted vehicles inject fuel based on vacuum levels of your engine, so this video does not apply. Sometimes I take pictures: https://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained/

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    Woo! Trending #15!

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    whats more important … Coasting or Crashing ?

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  6. Ethan Scully says:

    momentum not inertia

  7. Nymeria Gloves says:

    But my car isnt fuel injected…

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    Dude you’re on 14th on trending!!! Congratulations.

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    Whats engine brake?

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    In brief?… Anyone?

  13. Hayley Golzer says:

    Tldr: it depends

  14. World Traveler东北 says:

    Mind blown XD

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    *Hears answer, It Depends.. “Leaves Video”

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    it’s useful

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    Engine break

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    Another awesome video!

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