What Was The Illegal Blaster Rifle That Fired Invisible Blaster Bolts? #shorts

What Was The Illegal Blaster Rifle That Fired Invisible Blaster Bolts? #shorts

What was the illegal blaster rifle that fired invisible blaster bolts?

One of the main drawbacks of a blaster was how obvious they were to detect. Blaster bolts brightness made covert operations very difficult, even for the most skilled bounty hunters and military personnel. The Empire wished to conduct secretive assassinations, and therefore developed the nightstinger rifle. It could only fire 3-5 shots before the blaster gas canister needed replacing, with each canister costing around 1000 credits. However, the blaster bolts were completely invisible, allowing for stealthy assassinations. This was particularly useful when used in conjunction with a redirection crystal. When the invisible bolt was fired at the crystal it would redirect the bolt while also adding colouration, allowing the empire to frame unsuspecting citizens for their brutal exterminations.

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36 Responses

  1. BigPhatBoi3138 says:

    I’d actually never heard of this

    • Mantikor says:

      Than you haven’t read the Thrawn duologie. I can really recommend them, but you should read the Thrawn Trilogy before. Some of the best Star Wars books out there and what the sequals should have been.

    • Everything Dibs says:

      @Mantikor the canon thrawn trilogy then the non canon one or the ascendancy books

    • Mantikor says:

      @Everything Dibs I was talking about the original Thrawn Trilogie (Heir to the Empire…) and the continuation of them, but the new Canon Trilogie is also good, especially the first part, but in my opinion the old one is better.
      Ascendancy 1&2 were good also, but by far less interesting to me

    • BigPhatBoi3138 says:

      @Mantikor I have the books just haven’t gotten to reading them heard there really good

  2. A Literal Potato says:

    I’ve learned more about star wars from your shorts randomly showing up in my feed than I have in my whole life

  3. MelissaDino says:

    at this point they could just use a normal sniper with normal bullets…but no bcs star wars lol

  4. C.D. A says:

    Imagine, soneone in the starwars universe re-inventing ballistic non lazer guns

    • Kingsizedmidget says:

      Some bounty hunters actually used regular bullets because “get f*cked space wizard, try and deflect my lead” they were all called slug throwers, whether it was a rifle or pistol or whatever. Cool stuff.

    • Pilachi says:

      @UCPGYIUBSyozBuyUIzABynEw the idea is you can’t deflect like them like plasma bolts, and instead get molten shrapnel into your face.

    • Hi There says:

      @Kingsizedmidget they could however be redirected with the force much easier than blaster bolts.

  5. King Rhys says:

    Lol at the Mass Effect weapon

  6. Sammy Salgado says:

    If I were a bounty hunter in the star wars universe I’d just use ballistics instead of blasters tbh

  7. Gene Smith says:

    I didn’t know star wars lacked combustion weapons.

    • Tahj Hérard says:

      It does have combustion based ballistic weapons. They are called slugthrowers and aren’t as common as blasters. They were seen as primitive and barbaric. That’s why you’d see primitive cultures like the Tusken Raiders use them.

    • Not Graham. says:

      @Tahj Hérard slug thrower ammo moves a heck of a lot faster than a blaster bolt though. “Dodge this ya damn space catholic!” *fires shotgun*

    • Terabit3 Gaming says:

      They don’t. They’re referred to as “slug throwers” in universe

  8. ScienceMadeThis says:

    I wonder how hard Empire R&D would facepalm when they hear about guns and suppressors

    • Naughty Novaroo says:

      But supressors/silencers doesn’t just make Your gun as silent as breathing, sure the welrod and that British depressed sniper lowered the sound and the Germans and Italians didn’t know what it was still didn’t conceal your position

      Unless there’s a magical attachment that not only turned your bullets into breaths as well as kept the accuracy and range just without the attachment then ok sure but this is star wars. Not COD MW69

    • Smooth G says:

      @Naughty Novaroo a gun with a flash suppressor that can cib and a sub sonic will do far better than what star wars has the only bullet that shows their trace are tracers and they are meant to do so

  9. Vader's Fortress says:

    What was it like to be shot by a blaster? Find out in my latest video! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  10. Comedic Center says:

    Maybe Han actually missed but Greedo was just wanted by the Empire and another bounty hunter just had really good timing

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