What we argue about | Japanese/American marriage

What we argue about | Japanese/American marriage

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So we’ve been in an international marriage for 5.5 years, together for 7, are living in Japan, and speak to each other in both Japanese and English (although Jun’s English is WAY BETTER than my Japanese). There are a lot of things we’ve adjusted to when it comes to cultural differences, but there are some things we just haven’t. And some of these things we maybe still argue about. Okay some of these things we definitely still argue about.

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20 Responses

  1. iGNONERA says:

    This is totally unrelated to the video, but gosh Rachel you look stunning. Your skin is glowing and everything!

  2. Philippe Parle Peu says:

    This video was really, really well directed, acted and written. You guys deserve an Emmy!

  3. Jackson Vladimir says:

    “Are you being passive aggressive with me?”
    “I don’t know what that word means.”
    *death stare*
    “I’m sorry.”
    beautiful. simply beautiful.

  4. Grant Whittington says:

    Jun’s apologies were hilarious – his facial expressions just scream “At that moment he knew…He messed up”

  5. TheVesme says:

    The “what’s wrong with you” skit made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  6. Daniel Terle says:

    I’m sure you two can agree that Tidus and Yuna’s famous “laughing” scene in Final Fantasy 10 is equally cringe-worthy in both English and Japanese.

  7. Sandrine Marien says:

    “Are you being passive agressive with me?” I laughed so hard ???

  8. iEatEmos says:

    lol yeah, Americans tend to be more emotive and confrontational. You guys are silly 😛

  9. Dæmon Græyson says:

    Jun is like a naughty cat in the opening!!! ???

  10. Galupi11 says:

    If/when you have children, what language will you teach them from birth?

  11. Kurai Thanatos says:

    You can definitely tell that they love each other, but it must’ve been somewhat frustrating doing this video.

  12. Tracy Wu says:

    As an American, I also can’t feel Jun’s apologies as sincere even though I know he is trying.

  13. lumpyspacecadet says:

    Noct is clearly the only Japanese one in the group.

  14. Ryma-chan says:

    “Look at his emo hair”
    Did you mean Sasuke Uchiha?

  15. Abroad in Japan says:

    (I especially liked Jun’s scary potato chip surprised face at the start)

  16. TheOneMastodon says:

    “American hair *cannot* do that, that is Japanese hair” LMAO

  17. Zorba ゾルバ says:


  18. uninvincibleete says:

    LMAO this is adorable. On the plus side, I think you guys are in a uniquely lucky position that same-language couples aren’t. When people speak the same language (as native speakers), they take for granted that their partner should understand everything they do or say. Because you two come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, there’s always an assumption there of “maybe he/she just didn’t understand me”. Lack of communication (or the assumption that proper communication has been made when it hasn’t) is one of the big marriage stumbling blocks, so you two have an interesting advantage!

  19. Koala Whisperer says:

    What I really want to know is which language does Poki yell at you in.

  20. fluffycat twohundred says:

    3:10 I thought the subtitle said FIRM BUTT POLICE and I was really confused for a second

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