What We Believe | #GOT2016 (HBO)

What We Believe | #GOT2016 (HBO)

For those who don’t see the right banner on the ballot: We are the GOT Party. Cast your vote for #GOT2016 on www.TheGoTParty.com and own Season 6 now to get to know the candidates.

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20 Responses

  1. Tin&Tim Vlogs says:

    A girl has seen a video. A girl does not know which one to choose between
    Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen. A girl must leave the website.

  2. Mr.EGM says:

    So i voted for Cersei! WHOS WITH ME?

  3. Junk Dzn says:

    13 episodes before the end .. ??

  4. Sidharth Satheesh says:

    I wish nobody wins, people rise and make westeros democratic.

  5. Dan says:

    When Drogon descended next to Dany!! OMG CHILZ

  6. xR41ZOR says:

    Auch jemand aus Deutschland hier ? :D

  7. Ichigo10MV says:

    Song name?

  8. Nerous says:

    lyanna mormont as the hand of the king? say what (what about davos doe)

  9. Roy Forbes says:

    Where’s Lyanna Mormont on the highlights?

  10. Luka Kohek says:

    Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, King and Warden of the North, Leader
    of the Free Folk, Wielder of Longclaw, Master of Ghost, the Lord of Light,
    R’HLLOR’S CHOSEN SON, is resurrected in Jon Snow. — That’s the
    discription on the website for Jon Snow

  11. dragonmcmx says:

    tfw no stannis

    tfw dany


  12. Saturn Ascension says:

    Ramsay Bolton 2016!!!

  13. filmfae says:

    Yeah, but Hillary is so Lannister right now…

  14. Chickenix says:

    Shoulda made a “King Geoffrey” option lmao

  15. murad khan says:

    just stick to the books. I will be sooooooooo mad if season 8 is not more
    that 10 EPs since it is the last season.

  16. Tushar Patel says:

    haters will say name of the show is abbreviated as GoT

  17. No One says:

    No one will survive this show either way


    Arya is no one

    Arya for president o/

  18. aboyhasaname says:

    Dany Tyrion 2016!!

  19. Mark M. says:

    excellent candidates for feminists celebration)

  20. Patrick W. Said says:

    wel you GoT my vote :p