What Will Fire Crackers Do in Gasoline?

What Will Fire Crackers Do in Gasoline?

In today’s video we drop a few fire crackers in some gasoline just to find out what happens. What could go wrong…?

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30 Responses

  1. OlWesty Win says:

    Is this related to chinese new year? ?

  2. Stephen says:

    You konw that there are people and kids that are doing this because of this vid?great job

  3. WIZARD420 TDAWG says:

    Just like when you throw a cig in a pot of gas it will put the cig out

  4. Lucas Moes says:

    Gasoline does not burn it is the fums of the gasoline that is highly flammable

  5. barry beun says:

    Should’ve used some european professional firecrackers. These things are ant farts. Just take one of those european professional firecrackers and tape them to a bottle of gasoline and watch the fireball?

  6. Carnage says:

    Alright your next challenge is to mix bleach and chlorine together in a enclosed room while you stay in there

  7. TSG says:

    It’s the evaporating gas mixing with oxygen that is flammable The fluid of the gas deprives oxygen. You need oxygen and fuel and heat to combust.

  8. Mist says:

    i like how now that they have neighbor trouble they are finally doing fire/explosive related stuff to a secluded area

  9. FenexDragonis says:

    Liquid gasoline is not combustable.. the fumes emitted by it evaporating are what is combustible. The reason looks like it is burning is due to the heat increasing the rate of evaporation thus providing more fuel. In cases of gasoline explosions.. it’s not the gas exploding.. but the vessel containing failing due to the building of pressure.. the ensuing fireball being caused by the the gas being dispersed into the air. Gasoline is significantly more stable than most realize. It’s still dangerous and should be handled responsibly.. but now where near as dangerous as movies and tv make it out to be

  10. Harryvj says:

    As you have made black powder in a past video, please can you try and make some homemade fireworks?

  11. Bryan Cornelsen says:

    Make a thermite infused fuse

  12. Phonicks says:

    You guys should make a (Will it explode or Will it burn) series. That would be cool.

  13. Demolition Hacks says:

    This is when you say: “NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME!”

  14. Kuch Baat Cheet says:

    Ohk that’s random 😉

  15. Vin DiVergilio says:

    Isn’t this the same as throwing a lit cigarette into a pot of gasoline but without the bang?  I was a Firefighter for over 25 yrs and never once did I see a fire get started by someone tossing a lit cigarette into gas, nor from smoking while refueling.  But, we are always told…..don’t smoke around gasoline.  Can you do a dome test with gas and a cigarette?

  16. Vr Man says:

    Dip the rig in wax or glue gun it’s seal? When I was a kid waterproof wick was very waterproof, but maybe the coating is soluble in gasoline.

  17. random kid says:

    Better be careful, so you don’t end up like Jason Pierre Paul xD

  18. Inzamam Ashraf says:

    do something big or intresting we get boor with your videos from long time ?

  19. BSODeath says:

    Gasoline vapour could blow right up when you tried to light the fuse… it’s not very smart to encourage people to use fire in confined space containing gasoline.

  20. Gracie Mccall says:

    I love this?

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