What Will Happen If You Overfill Soccer Ball? + Slow Motion

What Will Happen If You Overfill Soccer Ball? + Slow Motion

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20 Responses

  1. Methika Kavishka says:

    Noooo wilsoonn #rip :(

  2. Leight E says:

    Off corse it going to explode I don’t se the point of this vid

  3. Daved the Dude says:

    Wilson! Wilson I’m sorry!

  4. Iñaki Sarazola says:

    do it with a bicicle tire pleaseee!!!!

  5. ChinchillaKing18 says:

    Awesome video man! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. J. Santana says:

    I thought the ball was going to melt.

  7. Nick Nate says:


  8. Bart Trukawka says:

    what will happen if u overfill a soccer ball ….. erm … maybe it will

  9. Nurzhan Kultekenov says:

    what will happen if you overfill Suckerball?))

  10. Vatsal Jain says:

    new life hacks plz

  11. Carmen Swears says:

    hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue so so funny {°_°}

  12. No Racism says:

    I tottally did NOT expect that.. (sarcasm)

  13. Andrew Seiber says:

    By the thumbnail I thought he was blowing up a Togepi.

  14. Dragonbike Gaming says:

    Can everybody get him up to 6,666,666 just for the fun of it

  15. Noah Kuhn says:

    SlowMoGuys….why haven’t you done this ? :P

  16. Narly_Blue says:

    You should do Smart balance wheel ( swegway board or whatever ) HACKS!!!

  17. Blaster2000 says:


  18. ItsSoooooFluffy says:

    0:18 “Come on, blow up already”
    What every Russian person says.

  19. John John says:


  20. Mario Toska says:

    Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back , just let me know