What Will Happen To You in The Microwave?

What Will Happen To You in The Microwave?

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20 Responses

  1. Tell Me This says:

    i am kinda curious now. What did Arnold do to the OP?

  2. Dylan the maker123 says:

    What if Arnold survive an atomic bomb

  3. MLG MELON says:

    Guys. Arnold IS dying in these videos.

    It’s just that an organization sent out infinite versions of the narrator guy to infinite dimensions containing the Arnold we know. And their duty is to kill Arnold for views.

    So, we think that he keeps killing Arnold but all the Arnolds were killed at once in different and bizarre ways, and they post the footage one after another.

  4. Thaddeus J says:

    Let’s do something nice for Arnold, let’s make him live out the fantasy of being a pirate. 😉

  5. galaxy Doggo says:

    Put him inside a pumpkin for halloween

  6. Jy 3 says:

    Why don’t schools show these in science

  7. John Caldwell says:

    I fucking love this channel

  8. Spider 66 says:

    Meet arnold:next video don’t try to be PG,Ridddle the trend wants you to become non violent put curse words say arnold is burnt piece of shit in this video YouTube wasn’t meant for kids i want YouTube to be for teens and adults don’t let this channel be associated by the FBE because that will be complete career suicide

  9. D4WN COBRA says:

    The world will end when arnold doesn’t lose a finger in an episode.

  10. K Lee says:

    This made me really feel for that crow in the microwave in resident evil :/

  11. Edhnel Proxy says:

    His finger didn’t cut!!

  12. theRAPHYlife says:

    Can you put him in a dishwasher or a washing machine please

  13. CaptboichrisVEVO says:

    Check my channel lit music and nice beats

  14. Jonathan Martinez says:

    What happen if Arnold is stuck in a cave

  15. Mike Onega says:

    I don’t understand whata the point of this channel

  16. joeyvg07 says:

    I can say now that I’ve been subbed since 70,000

  17. Mina Dia says:

    Wait isn’t this the same guy from Riddle? If not than they sound the exact same

  18. Andrina Newell says:

    DAT skin doe it got burnt to black

  19. sixmillbaby says:

    Every time one of his fingers comes off is that an Easter egg?

  20. Star Stacker says:

    What if Arnold was hit by something nuclear? Like a bomb or Gamma waves!

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