What will Kamaru Usman do now?

What will Kamaru Usman do now?

Chael Sonnen talks Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards on this episode of Beyond the Fight

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48 Responses

  1. A M says:

    The way Leon set up that head kick was perfection. 1st guy to take Usman down, mount him, took his back and nearly got the RNC. The altitude definitely had an effect on Leon. Usman trains at altitude with already insane cardio. The trilogy will be interesting.

    • WardeN says:

      Why are you repeating what Rogan said? At least get your own viewpoint.

    • Justin Green says:

      @Funky Looks like Far Hat has a Funky alt account. True casual.

    • Gregor Bencina says:

      EPO cardio,… aint natural. has more acne then my cousin that has an acne problem at the age of 17

    • S. Marshian says:

      @Far Hat 😂 it’s ridiculous to call it a Hail Mary. It’s not like he just started swinging for the fences and clipped him with a huge wild haymaker. It was crazy bc Leon looked defeated, then all the sudden comes back to life and gets extremely focused and ultimately set it up with the right/left to get usman to move his head into the path he was planning to deliver the kick. It was beautiful. Leon is such a better striker and I couldn’t believe how hesitant he was throughout the fight to pressure more.

    • TheBanterIsLethal says:

      I’m scared for the division because usman just fell out of love with striking. Everyone is getting molested on the mat from here on out. He’s gonna be on a warpath

  2. MBF Off-Grid says:

    Except GSP was 25 years old, not in his prime and had a lot to learn still and Usman is 35 years old in his prime. Not the same. But Usman had quite a run, but he isn’t GSP. GSP also had 9 title defences in WW devision, Usman had 5. He had a long ways to go to catch GSP. He is GOAT #2 for the division but not close to #1.

  3. Scott Wilt says:

    Lets not ignore the fact that Usman used his entire bag of tricks. Fence grabs, fake eye poke, glove grab and pretend low blow. This is as much a part of his fights as his wrestling.

    • R J says:

      @Al Breaker Yeah but take away his fake eye pokes and fake nut shots when he is in danger and it would be a much fair fight.

    • Mike Casey says:

      Leon was warned a ton of times for the fence and for grabbing gloves. Funny you didn’t notice. Believe he called for a low blow as well if I recall.

    • Creed A. says:

      And here go Usman haters again. You got the rare spotlight, enjoy it.

    • Travis says:

      Edwards did all that too tho. Herb was boutta DQ that boy for how many violations he was committing💀

    • flowerz says:

      Hate to say it but gsp did shit like this. DC did shit like this… jon Jones did shit like this. Colby does shit like this. It’s literally human nature dude and basically every fighter does it.

  4. Hanna Cascagnette says:

    We’ve been treated to quite a few nice head kick KOs in the past little while! Definitely feel what Chael is saying, we need moments like that in MMA!!

    • Combo Winner says:

      Usman was trying to win a decision with wrestling just like he did last time Leon was trying to win a FIGHT .how good will it be when both try to win in the 3rd match

  5. Hector Montes says:

    I watched this live and I didn’t know the fight was over until after Herb started to wave his hands. I saw the kick and saw Usman’s body go limp but I couldn’t believe that it happened. Boy oh boy did Leon prove me wrong.

    • Sanju Rai says:

      Crazy sport..so unpredictable. Lightning in a bottle moment, a “holy shit moment”, we as fans need to see such moments for the love of the sport. who would’ve thought that would happen, not usman, not the crowd, not us watching at home..considering the way the fight was going up until that point. wow..insane.

    • Bryan says:

      A kick so good the audience was stunned.

    • Justin Green says:

      In the moment it seemed fake. The last couple rounds were pretty boring honestly. It went from 0-100 faster than my brain could comprehend.

    • Angel Lopezz says:

      @Abraham Herrera half of the Audience there were from out of state , stop 😂😂 your city is boring check the stats

  6. Sir Great says:

    “Don’t let him bully you son!” Man that head coach was on fire all fight, mad credit to him for that rally by Leon and the outcome.

  7. Chase 9210 says:

    The invincibility thing is true. When I was 9-10 I did karate (sparring matches) and always lost to a buddy of mine. Finally made it to large tournament and drew him at random. I was devastated and assumed I’d lose since I lost every other time. I beat his ass, won the tournament and never lost to him again. Flipped the script and in practice or competition he never beat me again. Crazy how one moment of one match changed something that had been going on for about 2 years

    • D Whizzel says:


    • Ghost Black says:

      I coach youth wrestling and had this happen last year, my two 140lb girls who were practice partners every day. Girl A would always get the better of girl B in practice and scenarios.. then one tournament they drew each other in the final round and girl B just came out and put the work on girl A.. totally opposite of what I see in the practice room every day and she never lost to her again..

    • Mr. A says:


    • Chris says:

      It’s because once you beat him you found the recipe to win against him while he lost the sauce to beat you

    • kik locus says:

      if u play long enough u will lose, happened to pacquiao

  8. whywewish says:

    leon edwards, arguably the most overlooked, unlucky and disrespected fighter ever has finally gotten to show the world how good he really is. it couldn’t have been written better.

    • Johnathan t says:


    • Johnathan t says:

      @Eric Stewart yea he was tired because usman trails at elevation and leon doesn’t.. if it goes to london for the trilogy leon will walk him like a dog.Cmon don’t let being a fan boy of another grown man cloud your vision, you saw the fight stop being delusional bud. Leons wrestling got way better and he is obviously still the better striker that equals AND NEW!

    • Eric Stewart says:

      @Johnathan t ok that was round *1*. Lets talk about round 2, 3, and 4, hell even 5. Congrats to leon but just because he got one round throughout the entire fight doesn’t mean he wasn’t dominated, because he most definitely was. Did you see how easy the takedowns became for usman in the later rounds, almost as if leon was just giving it to him…. But i would rather think leon was super tired

    • Toke says:

      @benzema111 he said Leon BEAT the #1 p4p in Usman, which will change to volki tomorrow

    • benzema111 says:

      @Uh Ok leon p4p? Hahaha joke of the century.

  9. August Burns Red says:

    Leon’s life story up to this point would make an epic movie. Clawing his way from defeat to becoming champion with seconds left on the clock. Purely magical.

  10. TABB says:

    Edwards coaching team made the difference. His head coach’s speech after the 4th was epic. You can hear them call for the head kick 2 seconds before he landed it.

    • PugsIey says:

      @Lonely Chip I disagree, if we disregard the ko, i think edwards performance was far from “if he would have lost everybody would have been laughing at him” he did great in the first round and is the first person to land a succesful takedown on Usman, sure he was dominated for alot of the fight, but that takedown spoke volumes and his performance was nothing short of amazing.

    • Stu B says:

      @J B that means unlikely, not lucky. A fluke is a piece of luck.

    • J B says:

      @Stu B nice, we’re talking about pro MMA fighters not a mature boxing. Odds of a leon ko in the 5th we’re fluke odds.
      You guys are losing it because I’m saying it was a fluke. I.havent taken away from leon by saying that. It was a great ko. It just happened to be a fluke.

    • Stu B says:

      @J B In all my years of boxing ive never planned a punch. You dont have the time. You make reads and take a best guess at the time.

    • The League says:


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