What Would Joe Rogan Do in the Apocalypse?

What Would Joe Rogan Do in the Apocalypse?

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1287 w/Rich Benoit:

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97 Responses

  1. games guitars and gore says:

    Me: food or weed?
    Me later: damn im hungry and these berries arent cutting it…

  2. Body Language Drama says:

    I would choose a sober Joe Rogan with a bow. As my official apocalypse partner.

  3. Derek Warren says:

    While Joe is hiding in the woods with a bow and arrow, and his family. I’ll be squatting on his mansion.

  4. Darkhew says:

    Easy question, he would smoke DMT and raise an army of chimps

  5. DeadTroperSociety says:

    Joe will still continue his podcast like 3dog from Fallout 3.

  6. Yusuke Urameshi says:

    I’ll tell you what he wouldn’t do if he was in the Apocalypse, Live Stream

  7. Adam Ross says:

    Please do a reality TV show with Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan living in the woods together for like a month. I’ve got many ideas in the hopper.

  8. Biff Dingus says:

    We all know Joe is going to break all of the primates out of the nearest zoo and go out into the woods and be their king.

  9. scorpius says:

    Joe “I gotta Toyota land cruiser with a 40 gallon gas tank” Rogan

    • Daniel Mcgreevy says:

      +Larry p you don’t think they’ll know to have all ports and marinas closed off and or huge amounts of navy and other military personnel there to keep people from leaving. Most likely they won’t allow a mass exodus of refugees and others to leave because they will prioritize government officials, scientists, and engineers that could help rebuild society a cataclysmic event. If you have enough money you could potentially bribe your way through restricted checkpoints but most insanely powerful people are pro population control so they’d probably view said event as something that needs to be done.

    • Daniel Mcgreevy says:

      +RazorBladesDippedInAids T Ol’ Billy red balls could give probably give a fuck about anyone else besides his families safety in an event like that regardless of how close he is to a friend. I’d be the same way unless I had enough room but that would be for supplies.

    • Dave Gordon says:

      With a big ass trunk monkey

    • celticsounds says:

      scorpius lol joe is on steroids and probably has loads of guns that motherfuckers ready

    • Larry p says:

      +Daniel Mcgreevy you have been watching to many movies buddy. The government is simply not that organized. Look at the hurricanes in the south, they still haven’t recovered and FEMA was a mess.

  10. WILLSNIPE4BEER says:

    Man, they forgot one of the most treasured post-apocalyptic items…… toilet paper

  11. Purefoldnz says:

    Joe would move into a bomb shelter and have Quake LAN parties.

  12. Brandon Blair says:

    …Whoever suggests a Tesla for the Apocalypse are the first to die.

    • mr anderson says:

      +itsC0ll0n gas only last 5 yrs maybe , after the dust aettles a tesla wuld be good tho

    • Teo Senečić says:

      I dont understand you guys,who has a tesla and a bunch of solar panels prepared in their basement witing for an apocalypse.Even if u had acces to electricity to charge the thing that means u would be waiting for it to charge puting yourself in danger and going through your food and water in the time being.you would be much better of with a internal combustion engines(because society fell apart there would be a high chance of finding abandoned cars with gas in them because their owners died or something either way i thouldnt be that difficult to find gasoline)and you wouldnt be waiting for hours or even days for a refil and could make distance from the danger zone really fast.i see that people tend to pint out that the world supply of gasoline would disappear in a few years,that u would need to change your tyres,maintain th car…remember you are not gonna be circling the earth in your car for the rest of your life you just need enough fuel to travel to a place with warmer climmate and more wild life…so i think gasoline engine is a far better choice except a scenario of a nuclear winter and thats a whole different beast…

    • Bill Bob says:

      +itsC0ll0n Yeah, I bet every car I see is going to have some fuel for me to siphon because I’d be the first person to approach every abandoned car after a few years of the apocalypse. (“gasoline you can loot from literally any car if you have a jerry can and a hosepipe.”)

    • Kenny 31 says:

      Batteries,both lead acid and lithium have a cycle life. Anywhere between 250-5000 charges, or 5-15 years roughly.

    • Merrick says:

      itsC0ll0n gasoline expires within a few years. Biodiesel gives you a few more years, but eventually all the fuel on the road expires. When that happens, solar and Tesla is the way to go.

  13. Rickson says:

    Take DMT, hit the heavy bag and go hunting

  14. Matt says:

    1. Isolation tank
    2. DmT
    3. Recurve Bow
    4. Laptop with Quake installed

  15. Edward Corrigan says:

    Every statement this guy makes

    Joe: No

    • Thelondonbadger says:

      Thing is that in an apocalypse, big bear would be on fire. Nuclear meltdown? Get inner states asap, colorado with its water supply is the new america. You control that, you control pretty much mexico and usa.

    • Choice777 says:

      This Rich Benoit guy sounds like a total piece of shit.

    • Lt H says:

      The guest does seem like a bit of a pea brain though

    • Dick Fageroni says:

      +Lt H most groids have a really low IQ

    • Telios Abraxas says:

      Who the fock is this guy?! That guy is fucking unbearably annoying, constantly interrupting Joe with absolutely nothing worthwhile to say. I’d have flipped that fucking table right on his face to shut him up. I don’t know how Joe kept it together but you can tell he was annoyed too because he wouldn’t look at the guy and just look down at times.

  16. The GreyJedi2112 says:

    “i would probably shoot at that guys car” ?

  17. Mic O says:

    I would travel the back roads near the Highways and when I need supplies and food I would go to the Highway and pillage off and eat broken down Tesla drivers .

  18. peterjoker2 says:

    Suggesting using a Tesla in a apocalypse situation.. You know who was not going to survive in the first place

    • REAL SHOOTER says:

      Why its a somewhat decent topic to at least dissect.

    • Choice777 says:

      After everyone calms their tits, like after a few years, so there’s no more bands of raiders and shit, a tesla with a bunch of solar panels next to your house will be a good option if all the fuel is gone from all the fuel trucks, stations, etc. So it might take a few days to get a full charge but in between you use a bicycle or wind board, etc, and tesla for long distances fast…with sub 3 s to 60 and only you as a weight, all the other passenger weight can be wasted on metal plates so you don’t get shot.

  19. Dylan porter says:

    Joe and his army of chimps would bow hunt the dmt elves for sustenance

  20. DaAlski78520 says:

    Joe “I need a string, a bow, and two peices of dry wood cuz I smoke weed and don’t carry a lighter” Rogan

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