What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

What happens when we clone things? Is cloning people even possible?
Watch more: “Could We Bring Extinct Animals Back To Life?” ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oLhvD9mNso
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Written by Sophie Bakoledis


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91 Responses

  1. SpyroXX77XX says:

    Did anyone else’s audio get quieter around 1:12 – 1:15

  2. it's-uh-me Mario! says:

    Can we clone life noggin?
    Does that mean more videos to be made?
    More awesomeness?

  3. vijnx poland says:

    OH i want to clone my self

    My clone go to School and i going to play on my pc

  4. Fern Pereyra says:

    Isnt it illegal to clone
    Since the process is well…..um……werid

  5. Rudy Flores says:

    Let’s not clone…

    *BIG BOSS*

  6. Half The Heart says:

    Dude why is your audio so weirdly off sometimes? 😂

  7. JELEEK GT says:

    In clash royale u can clone ur troop

  8. Danver Gaming says:

    *Waiting for someone to say he’s got brown hair blue eyes is 5’10” and his name is Steve*

  9. SapphFire says:

    Why does that clone look like Mark Zuckerberg

  10. Lord Cekrom says:

    I don’t want a clone =D

  11. Mr Insouciant says:

    Let’s clone Elon Musk 😂 so we could go Mars quickly.

  12. gamer Vos says:

    Me:hi cloned self☺
    me:so wanna play on xbox😃
    clone:na dude wanna kick some puppies 😄
    me:what have I done😲

    • Rodorora says:

      well tbh, dota is probably valves worse game serires…

    • oh my god they killed Kenny says:

      Me: hey can you help me get a girl friend
      Clone: sure where she live
      Me: bearclaw drive 5
      Clone: ok be back in a few
      7 hours later clone comes in drops sack on the floor with someone in it kicking and screaming
      Clone: I hope you don’t mind I raped her before I got here
      Me: :/ eh why not

    • oh my god they killed Kenny says:

      Also my comment is just a joke just very Edgy

    • Ballo Meme says:

      Me: hi clone
      Clone: HHIIIIIIHIHIHIIIIII…..cogogh *ded*
      Me: Well, I just wasted my life savings…

  13. Mister. Da Poop says:

    In Soviet Russia clones clone you

  14. Feynstein 100 says:

    Man, so even with cloning, I can’t make another me? Great. Just great.

  15. Jiroshi Dreji says:

    What will happend when i clone myself? Well i will be rejected..😢😢

  16. Techie Planet says:

    Can we clone the earth

    • April Whittenbarger says:

      Techie Planet think of the issues that would solve!
      * thinks of all the crap it would cause * well,* lip smack * nvm.

    • Dxyani ROBLOX says:

      Techie Planet no…

    • The Real M says:


    • TheSuperOutcast says:

      Erick_504 !!! Stupid Minecraft fanboy…..

    • Rexy Humantorsaurus rex says:

      Well it is possible because almost every single person on Earth says that we’re going to move to Mars which is in the past before earth was born Mars was like the Earth I mean while the dinosaurs were the cenozoic animals were living Mars was like Earth because it had water and land but something happened Mars turned red and orange which means the life moved to Earth and then in the future Mars will turn back into Earth which means we have to close ever while the Earth were living on right now is just empty when the asteroid comes to Earth we will be on Mars and will continue our life event Earth will contain the new life then we might return to Earth and then when we hear about the next Extinction we will go back to Mars and then we’ll go back and forth back and forth back and forth to Earth to Mars to Earth to Mars to Earth to Mars we will keep going to Earth then when we hear Extinction we will always go back to Mars so it is possible we could clone Earth but Mars would be a larger version of Earth weight is Mars larger or is it smaller than the Earth

  17. Ada says:

    But why? Why do we need to clone?

  18. Lorenzo Soto says:

    1M likes for my 15 birthday.

  19. Life Noggin says:

    Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oLhvD9mNso

  20. You Tube says:

    Shadow clone jutsu.

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