What you NEED to start a YouTube channel (YIAY #364)

What you NEED to start a YouTube channel (YIAY #364)

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20 Responses

  1. MCDivision says:

    there is no point, goodbye cruel world #yiahpoint

  2. Chonchobar says:

    Waiting for the emoji movie 2 #yiaypoint

  3. Golden Gamer says:

    #YIAYpoint 42

  4. Elle Rozier says:

    #YIAYpoint death…

    And chocolate

  5. thatweridtree says:

    Moon troppers and the Seinfield anime adoption.

  6. DRIZZY LMG says:

    #YIAYpoint .

  7. James Mackie says:

    To be edgy

  8. Alex Demetriou says:

    #YIAYPOINT X= 7 Y= 4.3

  9. ye wot says:


  10. KarmaApples says:

    Not you.

  11. V.I.M.P says:

    #YIAYPOINT to get senpai to notice you

  12. Hanna Renaud says:

    #yiatpoint dogsdogsdogsdogs

  13. AnEmberNamedKimari says:

    #yiaypoint the point on the pencil?

  14. XtremeJule says:

    Has anyone said 42 yet? *YIAYpoint

  15. The Swaggerino says:

    #YIAYpoint This.

  16. Nature wusk says:

    #YIAYpoint The end

  17. Alexa Roth says:

    #YIAYpoint Rick and Morty

  18. El Lizardo says:

    #YIAYpoint To get on YIAY

  19. Groogeyz says:

    #yiaypoint Spagtgtti Bolognese

  20. borderline racist69 says:

    Big ol’ titties wouldn’t hurt.

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