What Your Early Twenties Will Be Like

What Your Early Twenties Will Be Like

“Good morning, welcome to taxes and backpain” ~Life on your 21st birthday
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29 Responses

  1. JohnRiggs says:

    Ahh, the 20s… Good times but I’d never want to live like that again.

  2. AnthonyPadilla says:

    james and team crushed it again AS ALWAYS

    • KAWAII❤️ says:

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    • Bxba Tea says:


    • Dark Tea says:

      @built different stfu WHO ASKED

    • Zuo Ling says:


    • fire Bolt says:


  3. Sir Castillo says:

    Legit being a senior right now, this is probably the best advice I’ve gotten all of my high school years. Thank you puberty platypus!

  4. Elijah Arnold says:

    James: “Go do your laundry instead of watching YouTube”
    Me, who has done laundry twice in the last month: “No, I don’t think I will”

  5. Kate Tanner says:

    As a 20 year old struggling through my end of year exams, this really hits home. The burnout is WAY too real, and I can’t wait to start prioritising myself and my friendships in a few days. Thank you for this James

    • audiebelle says:

      START PRIORITZING YOURSELF NOW hahaha, not just in a few days! (I also have heavy exams – just take little mental breaks to help yourself (: ) The only person that will take care of you is YOU.

    • Kate Tanner says:

      @audiebelle Thanks! I feel like we all need that reminder sometimes that uni isn’t the end of the world

  6. Ray Watson says:

    As a fellow 25 year old – this is so accurate and I really enjoyed that James was able to put a comedic spin on the truth

  7. Alyssa Nielsen says:

    As a 20 year old, eating salad out of a mixing bowl on my couch, I felt this deep within my heart. I was never prepared for this

  8. Sandwich says:

    Man, James has improved along these years I can’t wait for the next years

  9. Roman Miller says:

    “I think young people have this mindset of being on the grind.”

    Haha. No, that’s something the older generation tries to push on us.


    “I hate snakes”
    Well your girlfriend has 8 😂

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