What’d Ya Say?! Pt 7

What’d Ya Say?! Pt 7

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45 Responses

  1. Joe Santagato says:


  2. Alyssa Vantong says:

    Everything that comes out of Keith’s mouth always sound so aggressive.

  3. Eleanor Zeigl says:

    “hooker p–”
    “GOOD. BYE.”

  4. farah says:

    i can’t even describe how much i miss them and especially joes laugh

  5. Rukaiah El says:

    Keith asking “are you deadass” cured my depression

  6. Nathan Suh says:

    Joe: “You’re a friend. You’re my friend”
    Keith: *“NO”*

    Story of my life

  7. Blue Monster says:

    “Hurt me”
    “Hooker pee”
    “Good bye”😂😂😂😂

  8. beautybarbii says:

    “Hooker pee”
    “Hurt me”
    “Hooker pee”
    “GOODBYE” 😂😂

  9. Salma Mahfouz says:


  10. sid 18 says:

    Keith: I’m afraid of sweaters

    Joe: YOUR A FREAK !

  11. Roxanne says:

    Joe is really out here with a mother’s laugh.

  12. aer1386 says:

    There is nothing purer in this world than Joe’s laugh.

  13. Amisha Kumar says:

    Joe: “if you mix”
    Keith: *smacks lips* “…FuuUuUMiiEeZzz”

    I have officially passed on

  14. Timstuh says:

    Joe: “You’re my friend”
    Keith: “no”

    We missed you!

  15. Miguel Angel Valdovinos says:

    Anyone else missed Joe’s laugh??? Asking for a friend

  16. pwncessleah says:

    I would date Joe just to hear his laugh everyday

  17. Stephanie Yambo says:

    keith: “can’t-“
    joe: “gAy”

  18. Shahrika T says:

    keith: alright, now it completely changed
    joe: great
    keith: cool pee pee touch

    this sent me i-

  19. Sean Morgan says:

    Barber: what kinda haircut you want
    Joe: that “Baddest of them all” -Krispy Kreme 2012 kinda style

  20. Katie Zirger says:

    Joe: “cook me pancakes and throw dirt in my ass”
    Keith: “Cootie mama that ass, throw it away”
    I shouted

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