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53 Responses

  1. Jaheem Tv says:

    Who else here when she says she was gonna post in Mike video?! Lol she meant it ❤

  2. Ariel Roblox says:

    Don’t lie who was a fan of jailiyah before 2020

    Jailyah and Mike need to work it out!

  3. IGet Buckets says:

    They gone get back together they taking a break he wouldn’t leave his girl when she’s pregnant wait when she comes out FunnyMike gone be there you’ll see in a couple months

  4. Justin Crews says:

    Really miss them together no cap get back together if y’all can talk it out love y’all so much real supporters and fans will like the comment

  5. Ravianna says:

    Nene has a goofy personality she seems like that friend everybody wants to be around .. I like her she gon do good with this YouTube stuff ❤️

  6. Dior Lawrence says:

    this is so sad I miss u and mike being together aww but good luck on the baby boo

  7. Briana Eason says:

    When the baby come is mike going to be there

  8. Mcquane Gaming says:

    Y’all stop hating on her friend they are friends for a reason 💯 so stop no 🧢

  9. Juztmyne Love says:

    Nene the crazy friend 💀🤣

  10. Jelonna’s Life says:

    Jaliyah do a baby’s name reveal

  11. Kiera Riles says:

    She said “what they got bricks on they feet”😂

  12. Teetee Williams says:

    I dieddd when they was putting they hands on the things for the lighting 😂😂😂

  13. Precious Brown says:

    Can we see vlog’s, mukbang, Q/A, daily routines, update on life and what’s going on with you, and BIRTH VLOG!!!!!

  14. Dr. Meee says:

    Is Funnymike going to be at the labor?I hope he is.😭 I miss them together

  15. DatBoyTee says:

    3:56😭 “they got bricks on they feet,” then the face😂

  16. Nora Murphy says:

    Jaliyah and her friend so funny😂❤️

  17. Bougie Breeze says:

    I understand y’all liked/loved Mike and Jayliah together but y’all got to understand sometimes things don’t work out. They have to move on and grow. They’re obviously handling appropriately and co-parenting. If mind you I said “if” they decide to get back together that’s their choice and they have their reasons but if they don’t like I said they that’s THEIR decision. (No disrespect to nobody, I’m only saying this cause I keep seeing comments saying “y’all need to get back together”)

  18. Sensitive•Angle says:

    Names: Jordan, Ma’cari, Darrion, Camren, Lo’Renzo, Armani, Ka’Marion, Da’vion, Stepion I came up with some of da names periodt

  19. Arariia says:

    13:07 Jaliyah said: “she be doing too much man” 😭😭😭

  20. Freya Paka says:

    All I’m seeing in the comments is “when you and mike getting back together” this video isn’t bout they relationship status it’s about the baby so can yall stfu🙄

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