What’s inside a Beaver Home?

What’s inside a Beaver Home?

Can you climb into a Beaver Lodge? Is there a difference between a home and a dam?

Watch our exploration of the other Homes here: https://youtu.be/W6jaEyoATq4

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20 Responses

  1. Immortalninja 55 says:


  2. Justin Garrett says:

    Never been first

  3. What's Inside? says:

    Haha! That was fun! The home had been vacant the past 10 years. See their active homes on our family video: https://youtu.be/W6jaEyoATq4

  4. Tetricuber says:

    Who else has the problem with Youtube where it won’t show how many likes a comment has? (seriously)

  5. Mann Patel says:

    Make a video on what’s inside a jet ski!

  6. Christopher Oswald says:

    You should cut open a gaming keyboard

  7. MLinkous74 says:

    Do what’s inside a vending machine

    Like how they work

  8. DAKINUVPEPR says:

    What’s inside what’s inside’s youtube channel?

  9. arsenskillz says:

    Oh no, Spifey’s home!

  10. Seth Dutton says:

    What’s inside a beaver home?….. his furniture and his family duh

  11. Moldi Lanzuev says:

    whi watching in bed witchout socks

  12. May O'Brien says:

    There is literally a beaver dam destruction section 😂 I had no idea that something like that exists

  13. Matthew Lyman says:

    Maybe someday in the future we won’t need people to build structures, we will just hire beavers.

  14. Thomas Romero says:

    Hi I am first

    To like my comment

  15. The Master Gaming Dude says:

    Ha ha! There was actually a beaver dam destruction aisle!

  16. NEx0 GaMINg says:

    Whats inside A beaver Home? Justin Beaver

    Plz like i spent 5 seconds thinking to say that

    Edit:Thanks for 171+ likes, hmm I should do more jokes like that

  17. Axel Fredriksson says:

    Serioustly, do not atempt. Than Lets a kid do it.

  18. Will Hawthorne says:

    What’s inside a termite mound?

  19. Stud Gravity says:

    Open up the kid

  20. Eloy Strother says:

    guys , google this : mazako99

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