What’s inside a Furby Connect?

What’s inside a Furby Connect?

We CUT IN HALF a 2016 Furby Connect and a 1996 Furby to see what’s inside. These are very advanced smart toys that may creep some people out.

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Sand Dollar Symbolism: https://www.reference.com/world-view/spiritual-meaning-sand-dollars-ac79cee168384917

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20 Responses

  1. Rocket Volgs says:

    Hi can you cut open a car

  2. Migster says:

    Now that’s just terrifying.

  3. What's Inside? says:

    Anybody actually cry while watching this?

  4. Saxtoell 1 says:

    When I was 5 years old I got one of the older furbies for Christmas and I
    chucked it in a room and held the door shut while screaming at the top of
    my lungs.

  5. MrCombatgiraffe says:

    that poor furby cried and bled while you cut him in half. <:[

  6. Crudezz Bruh says:

    Like: free furby
    Subscribe: get real pokemon

  7. Blade Morgan says:

    the first one started crying

  8. Ravenpelt says:

    The newer one is really cute and cool, why did he have to die????

  9. BLaZe DesertEagle says:

    what’s inside Lincoln?

  10. Brendan Teske says:

    Haha. PETA joke goes right over his head. Good job, Dan.

  11. Face Stuffer says:

    My girlfriend kept saying murder over and over as she watched with me.

    I enjoyed the water coming through the eyes as if it were crying and then
    black vomit as it died.

    Keep up the great work Link.
    Dan’s going to take over the Casey Niestat vlog in New York so it’s all you

  12. Pha Vang says:

    That thing is very scary.

  13. DiamondDigger says:

    I felt something die in me…

    I mean come on it looked like the blue one cried and then vomited black

    And then its eyes finally closed… R.I.P blue furby

  14. Shonduras says:

    100% creepy

    i loved it

  15. Stevan Peric says:

    cut open a smok alarm

  16. CryZikesFX says:

    Ughggh it literally looks like something from fnaf 4

  17. Azqq says:


  18. Carbeeezy says:

    RIP blue harambe. You will be missed…

  19. emmanuel d. says:

    Please do this to every Furby on Earth.

  20. FunkyDemonCat says:

    Disgusting, the first death looked so real, what if all furbyes are alive?