What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?

What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?

What’s the difference between Cricket balls? Two American’s travel to Australia to learn for themselves.

Thanks to How Ridiculous for the hospitality and knowledge! Check them out here! https://youtu.be/Se9Lr81igJo

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20 Responses

  1. Lorenzo Barbara says:

    Aye where my roman solders at?!?!

  2. Sniper Eye says:

    Who’s here before 1 million views?

  3. Landyn Hores says:

    Do what’s inside fidget spinner

  4. lllivy says:

    Please cuts open a Fitbit. Like if you agree!

  5. Lazer Vlogs says:

    1 like find true love
    1 sub everyone u love is a millionaire

  6. Mason's Gaming Channel says:

    kookaburra sitin on an old gum tree…

  7. Keviky Penchel says:

    Indians rule at cricket

  8. FletcherTube says:

    I love and play cricket all the time and I was just laughing at how little they knew about it

  9. What's Inside? says:

    How many times did Jiminy Cricket appear in this video? THAT is the question. (time stamps anyone:)

  10. Trick Kids says:


    Your wish from a small channel whose goal is to hit 500 subs ?

  11. Mizzy Max YT! says:

    Ooh so Australian cricket is the same as English rounders

  12. Jay Kay says:

    What’s inside Donald Trump’s head?!?! ? ? ? ?

  13. Mario Diniz says:

    Por quê caralhos o titulo está em português? ‘-‘

  14. Rushil Patel says:

    Come over to India Dan & Lincoln

  15. Fraser Videos says:

    I’m sure all Aussies were laughing as hard as I was

  16. Kevin says:

    4:41 Malinga

  17. Girly Gamer says:

    it’s baseball with another bat. I never knew that.

  18. Imteaz Mahmud says:

    you guys played really well since you guys didn’t even knew what is cricket. for to play more cricket come to st.louis missouri we have a big organization which teach cricket to people for to develop your skills

  19. Brogan Murphy says:

    Who taught the dad how to bowl leg cutters

  20. InfernoDude83 says:

    I love the dictionary entries ?

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