Whats inside a LIFE SAVING Watch?

Whats inside a LIFE SAVING Watch?

We CUT OPEN this wristband that could save your life!! Get yours here: http://amzn.to/2xEfiEh

Swimming with this in Cancun was really cool and I would like to try it out more.

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20 Responses

  1. Limited Plaza says:

    This actually seems really cool I might buy it is it on amazon

  2. Bedan 360 says:

    What inside a ps 4

  3. NINERTAM 704 says:

    Whats inside do u live in utah? Just asking because in one of your videos you were talking about salt lake.

  4. Somebody Random says:

    Why is there a 6 year old holding a knife?

  5. John Delavilcho says:

    Wait… why did they tear the watch apart . Why pay for something that you’ll break

  6. Prodigy Gaming says:

    Everyone sub to me

  7. SuperSlicer 300K says:

    37 thousand views and is fourth on the trending list lol

  8. Frog says:

    Know the hell is this trending?

  9. KN15 says:

    What’s inside Lincoln

  10. 360 Gaming says:

    Subscribe to my channel and I will subcribe to you back

  11. Gresat 2 says:

    What’s inside the Puppy?

  12. Baudshah Suleymon says:

    What’s inside your neighbor

  13. Kallen Tyler says:

    I hope you don’t disown your dog like your Tesla

  14. нøᴘᴇ ᴛʀᴀsʜ says:

    What’s inside an airbag?


  15. You have recieved a notification says:

    What’s Inside my bank account?


  16. EasyOrangeGaming says:

    What’s inside your son’s head?

  17. Jessica Geck says:

    Poker is a card game

  18. DevilsHand676 says:

    Does the kid edit this? It’s got 5 year old humor

  19. Insert Name says:

    How is this even trending?

  20. Chez Fart says:

    I went to Cancun it’s cool

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