What’s inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe?

What’s inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe?

Gold Jewelry owning Alaskan grandfather hasn’t opened this safe for 30 years. We step in to help!

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20 Responses

  1. Jelle Wolters says:


  2. Outrage PvP says:


  3. Benjamin Kannou says:

    I love the what’s inside family
    Who else does

  4. RandomNessOK 12 says:

    Whats inside a car?

  5. Random 2.0 says:

    s[irt is a type of alcalhall

  6. Ben Chidley says:

    I think it might be 30 year old stuff maybe, Have a great day!

  7. Juhuuu says:

    Dammit my blade broke!
    Yeah let’s just go buy a new angle grinder because we can. ?

  8. Square Squid Studios says:

    That bottle is worth a fun night… to someone~

  9. Vansh Kasturi says:

    Your family is really cute wild and I think the best!!
    Love your videos
    (BTW I am a lincon fan)

  10. Pranish Koirala says:

    I pressed that like buttion so hard that it cracked. ?

  11. The Truth says:

    Can I guess what was in the safe…. naked pictures of Lincolns mum from 1988

  12. Wisely Tan says:

    Ill take the alcohol for 10$ ?

  13. K8ller says:

    Can you do a what’s inside a car

  14. tim tabutops says:

    Why’d you make fun of the person with 0 subs?

  15. leroy fan says:

    That wine last time was around 30 dollars but now when u sell it its around 700 dollars

  16. GreenDragon 614 says:

    That vodka is worth 838.88 a dozen and 69.99 a bottle…there ya go Dan the pricing isnt to expensive lol

  17. Kauan Produções says:

    *Alguém Do Brasil?*

  18. j.t vlogs says:

    As dangerous said about the tools there was a sign that said Dan’s tools lol

  19. Amr Marei says:

    Are you Muslim

  20. ferbbe02 says:

    Are you kidding me!

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