What’s Inside EVERY Madrigal Room?! – An Encanto Theory and Discussion!

What’s Inside EVERY Madrigal Room?! – An Encanto Theory and Discussion!

Well my last Encanto Theory about Bruno and Abuela Alma and Papa Candle Pedro did EXTREMELY WELL! One good turn deserves another, so let’s TURN the knob of each door in Casita and see what’s inside shall we?! In this video I will attempt to explain the concept of Casita’s magical rooms based on what we know and try to predict what could possibly be each Madrigal room that we never got to see in the movie! What does Dolores keep secret? Where does Pepa go to unwind? What about Luisa or Camilo or Julieta? All shall be explained in another deep analysis of this awesome Disney movie!

P.S If this vid does well enough, I’ll probably talk about Mirabel’s room among other things in the future. The channel’s not gonna be just this, I promise, but I’m on a real Encanto kick at the moment. It’s fun to talk about the film and you guys really seem to like when I do! Plus the songs keep getting stuck in my head so I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted to. ^^;

0:00 Introduction
2:23 How do Encanto’s Rooms work?
4:21 What’s in Luisa’s Room?
6:27 What’s in Pepa’s Room?
8:22 What’s in Dolores’ Room?
10:52 What’s in Camilo’s Room?
13:15 What’s in Julieta’s Room?

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39 Responses

  1. TheFlamingGamer says:

    I’ve always wanted to know what’s inside the other Madrigal’s rooms, since we only really see 4 of the rooms

    • Preston and Tom says:

      @marvin abrio that’s his room?
      Edit: is it just me or did his flooring change in the song?

    • Preston and Tom says:

      @Absentia but where do we see Dolores’s room?

    • Absentia says:

      @Preston and Tom oh, we don’t. I was just listing my favorite characters.

    • Aflahul Falihin • 78 years ago says:

      @marvin abrio i think its just a background, not his room (like Dolores’s part)

    • Rainbow Gacha Fox says:

      I actually thought Luisa’s room could be a mix of all 3 ideas it would have a beach with exercise equipment and have glowing boulders but then have a certain Glowing Rock that could open up the circus just a thought

  2. Francis Fatta says:

    A series would be great to expand more on the entire family. Maybe eventually introduce a new family member with a new gift

  3. P-STA-G says:

    I hope the least we get is every member of the family get their own short on Disney+ that shows us their everyday lives. Other than that, great video! Keep the Encanto videos coming!

  4. Call666ontherebound says:

    Yes. A million times yes. Camilo was the hardest to think of, but it an indoor cabana named The Chameleon sounds wonderful and zany, just like Camilo and his theatrical streak. Great thinking 🦎😻

  5. Nighting Gale says:

    I really like the idea of Luisa’s room being a beach. Like maybe part of it could be a beach where she can relax and the other part could be similar to planet fitness

  6. J harmond says:

    There’s actually a deleted scene where Dolores was originally going to have the healing powers and we see her room. It was a chemistry lab/kitchenette where she’d make the healing agent that she bakes into food.

  7. Dejay Page says:

    Also ideas for the other rooms:
    Luisa would have a hammock style bed or something to kick her feet up
    Pepa would have something for calming her nerves with Felíx to enjoy too
    Camilo would have a room that keeps shifting and changing like you said, but it’d be more like a dressing room you’d expect from actors
    Dolores woykd have a music stage style room, but have a closet-like room that she can go into to decompress in silence unless someone knocks on the door.
    Julietta I can see having a more farm look but I would also think she’d have a test kitchen deal with a special cook book of every recipe she knows in memory.

    • Greyphant says:

      Luisa has a beach room with hammocks

    • Unicorngirl4210 says:

      You actually see Camilo conforting his mom in her room with raindrop wallpaper and then that would be the point where it turns into the magical room witch idk what that would be

    • Justin_Glen_with_1_N says:

      Pepas room would be magically enhanced to handle all of her crazy weather whenever she has a breakdown or whatever.

      Louisa’s room would be designed to help her work with her strength but also have a different room where she can relax and have fun.

      Camilos room would be constantly changing colors, wallpapers, furniture, window placing, etc,.

      I have more ideas and I think I’m going to draw them in my sketchbook.

  8. JELLY Reverse says:

    Right when Dolores got her own gift she also got her own room, which probably means she wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. Even thought she could hear Luisa’s eye twitch..

  9. NightWing says:

    I always thought of Julieta as having a small, soft colored room with a door to a garden, maybe not acres big, though. And definitely an outdoor kitchen

    • Rohan Kaushik says:

      I also agree, with the garden being separate, but I feel like her room would be pretty big and kinda similar to Antonio’s and Isabellas since shee seem like she would love nature and to just have like a greenhouse in her room

  10. Memefactory435 says:

    In a deleted scene of encanto, where mirabel, Felix, and her dad are cleaning the house we actually get to see the inside of Dolores room. However before she got super hearing she actually had julietas powers. We don’t get much of and it’s just in the form of a storyboard but I’d suggest checking it out.

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