What’s inside iPhone X?

What’s inside iPhone X?

We CUT OPEN the NEW iPhone 10!?! Animoji’s are amazing! Here are the details on the giveaway phone: https://gleam.io/WSIeA/iphone-x-whats-inside-giveaway

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20 Responses

  1. Will Henderson says:

    It’s a brown toothpaste emoji

  2. Dylan Truong says:

    You could of given that to me

  3. Dylan Scott says:

    Basketballs great, i shoot for the hoop, But i think this emoji is definitely poop.

  4. Owen Rogholt says:

    POOP and I would love an iPhone 10 or X upgrade from my iPhone 5s

  5. Arian Khosravy says:

    Yay I love this channel keep it up guys

  6. Camilla Heggoy says:

    ITS SO POP? They have an ice cream and it’s 🍦

  7. Bigfudgeball Police says:

    What’s inside a Xbox one???

  8. Ionicent says:

    I need an iphone FOR ME TO POOP EMOJI ON

  9. TCC Girl Forever says:

    I hated watching you cut the iPhone X but like now I now I guess I know what’s inside

  10. Laura Alarcon says:

    I love your videos!! I don’t know how can you cut open the new Iphone X ?! It’s crazy!!

  11. Shalini Raval says:

    Omg as soon as I saw this I was like OH NO THEY DIDNTdttr

  12. Gave Khan says:

    Who else is watching this on their new iPhone X 🤤

  13. The Youtube Ranker says:


  14. Pablo Escobar says:

    Poop EMOJI

  15. Blaise Stritt says:


  16. NewVision says:

    ice crém Emoji

  17. Ayush Agrawal says:

    Only if Steve Jobs was alive to see this…

  18. Miki Ikim says:

    Ice cream emoji

  19. Tommy Matveyev says:

    Ice cream

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