What’s inside Stretch Armstrong?

What’s inside Stretch Armstrong?

We CUT OPEN Stretch Armstrong!! What is this vintage Hasbro toy made of?

Watch our What’s inside TOYS Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk-NEiZ-NQeQKwPTCusq_UII0rYwxTl0s

If you want to buy a stretch armstrong you can do it here: http://amzn.to/2lU0wm5

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Druhl says:

    That toy looked like Donald trump 0.0

  2. Sebastian T says:

    “It’s getting out of hand” -Dan

    Actually its getting on hand

  3. zachary Tessler says:

    Cut open a Nintendo switch

  4. Xavier Nihiser says:

    You should do a What’s Inside an Open Sign

  5. DubbyHC says:

    Your mirror almost looks like the Batman logo!

  6. Hamza Shaikh says:

    way way way too overedited…

  7. Ryan Dahl says:

    you zoom in on certain scenes too much??

  8. Archia says:

    Then again I already saw what was inside by braille . Lance already ate it. #skategod

  9. Zentorx says:

    Do What’s Inside The McDonald’s Smart Straw

    Like if you want this so they can see this

  10. Captain1diot says:

    Stretch Armstrong Vs hydraulic press.

  11. Eduardo Mendoza says:

    what is inside a junk car lol

  12. Stretch Armstrong says:

    I disapprove of this video.

  13. Andy Alger says:

    Simply by you guys adding this type of editing. You will get a ton more subs. I promise. That is some FUNNY editing. It’s hilarious when people make fun of themselves via editing. Love it.. Good work you two! .. GreatDadIsGreat!

  14. juggler mansveld says:

    i’ve heard its a sort of melasse corn sirop . its sweet .

  15. Little Elijah says:

    *I put my phone in airplane mode… I threw it and it didn’t fly:(*
    1 like = you get an airplane

  16. Rose Hall says:

    “Chests have cavities”

  17. Cylx • says:

    So blondes are brainless…

  18. LIPINOID says:

    That stuff inside it is corn syrup. Also it’s edible.

  19. Emelia Brazfield says:

    I lick your video

  20. Lil'Boys ToysReview says:

    While I LOVE whats inside’s VIDEOS, I do have to say that I am FRANKLY offended by your cutting open of STRETCH ARMSTRONG! As the owner of a VERY successful TOYS REVIEW, I of all people could appreciate a VINTAGE toy like the one in your possession!

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