What’s inside the Unspillable Cup?

What’s inside the Unspillable Cup?

We decided to cut this cup IN HALF!! So interesting to see what ACTUALLY makes the cup not fall over! AMAZING science!

Get ready for for Mug week! 2 more videos coming soon!

Here is the cup we purchased on Amazon:

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20 Responses

  1. Lucas Le roux says:

    Lol his son said siri ???

  2. BATMAN Dark night says:

    can you do what In side measuring tape

  3. PlayStation-Gamer 51 says:


  4. epicmangamingFTW says:

    dark magic.

  5. Grady King says:

    Look at that piss yellow Mountain Dew.

  6. reuben keech says:

    GoPro !!!!!!

  7. Logan Wang says:

    I think the mug is magic

  8. Mohammed Waleed says:

    please do whats inside a human brain but take care with diamond saws!!

  9. aj brault says:

    What’s inside a Demarini cf8 baseball bat -5

  10. _That1KidBrady says:

    See what’d inside Lincoln

  11. Denesh Langkadaran says:

    What’s inside a funko pop ?

  12. Chill Gamer says:

    Its magnet

  13. Vauxhallmadness UK says:

    Whats inside an Xbox ONE or PS4 controller

  14. LukethewGaming says:

    What’s inside ur son u should check

  15. Will Kinneen says:

    Cut open gym weights? :)

  16. MK Tony says:

    Whats inside you head

  17. iZenith says:

    What’s in side a vitual reality thing

  18. INFINITY says:

    Im going to guess the “self string mug” as next

  19. Kenneth Felter says:

    >forgets he has mountain dew

  20. Chad Garcia says:

    a game theory