What’s on my iPhone Xs!

What’s on my iPhone Xs!

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86 Responses

  1. David Dietz says:

    HiJustine get it πŸ˜‚

  2. Flame says:

    Finally I’m part of the ijustine clan

  3. PopRave says:

    Hey justine, I’ve been a fan since I was 11.. in 2011, I just wanted to say I’m so proud of what you’ve become, you’re one of my biggest inspirations seriously thank you so much for making me love technology and chase my dreams, just like you did… now I’m 18 and I’m about to start university to study programming and get into the high tech world.. I’m so proud of you Justine! Thank you for everything!!

  4. Karma Tashi Allemann says:

    What I really want is that iJustine would become CEO of Apple.

  5. Timo Tio says:

    whoaaa 92,025 email(s) XD

  6. John Martin says:

    Someone doesn’t read their mail

  7. Kevin Wong says:

    Hey Justine. Did you get my email?

  8. EMANeleVenElevEn says:

    Is she on the Apple Payroll? She has made them hundreds of millions of dollars in sales with people watching her videos. If she doesn’t get commission then it’s just wrong.

  9. Alexandre Joly says:

    Hey Justine, I am not a user of IGTV (with the exception of spice news). I am not opposed to the idea of watching vertically but I am an iPad user and I’ll always prefer YouTube! Needless to say I’d watch your content if you uploaded to IGTV.

  10. It’s Jimmy says:

    My OCD is so bad now because i saw she moved the default apps out of their position and she isn’t using folders, its literally freaking out

  11. Owen Trice says:

    You should put Max in the title πŸ™‚

  12. NorthernLaw says:

    You forgot one thing, google chrome

  13. Justin XXX says:

    Keeping my iPhone 7 lol no need for better camera

  14. villavan kothai says:

    What’s not on your iPhone?
    Fast charger
    Head phone dongle
    Decent price tag

  15. MusicLove Lyrics says:

    Tbh no shade to her but Apple has gone waayy too far on phones, like I don’t get why you need 2 other versions of the exact same phone, there is no physical changes between the X, Xs, and Xr, the only difference is the color. If Apple keeps doing this then for the rest of my life I’ll stay with an old version iPhone then any of those.

    • MusicLove Lyrics says:

      Allen Wilson Also the X is the same size as the 6 and 6s the X max is a little similar to the pluses and the size from the 6 all the way to the X max have not changed, the physical sizes haven’t changed their a copy size of each other

    • javoon16 says:

      Sooo the same thing every other phone company does except Apple gives you options every year? Big phone companies come out with a new phone every year and only every few years do these phones get a major external makeover. Apple gives you options if you don’t feel like buying a XS or an XS Max you have a more cost efficient phone. Companies have to keep evolving they can’t stay the same because you don’t have the means to buy a new one every yesr

    • Quadarius Dove says:

      aldcstars what do u use

    • Quadarius Dove says:

      Allen Wilson that’s it lololol

    • MusicLove Lyrics says:

      javoon16 I’m literally not talking about iPhone being completely different, I’m saying their doing old things and it’s just getting boring FOR me, not FOR anyone else, what I’m saying is that yes Apple does do new things, but you don’t need a new phone for that. I love Apple, I’ve known them since I was little, but in my opinion Apple has lost their track on phones, they’ve changed, especially getting rid of the home button and the headphone jack, I don’t see myself getting used to anything above the 8, sorry but in my opinion Apple isn’t the same anymore

  16. Yohan Lobo says:

    *Let’s talk about what’s not on your iPhone Xs*
    Split screen
    Longer battery
    a display with no notch
    Flamingo (twitter app)
    Super slow motion
    Always on display
    Fingerprint scanner

    • Lynn YouTube says:

      Yohan Lobo and 3D isn’t available on xs

    • Jakwart says:

      Split screen is hard on a phone, that’s why is swipe up and switch apps
      It does that with the split second switch on the iPhone.
      Why would I want to go so far on customizing my phone every day? The background and folders is enough for me
      The iPhones are much more efficient. Especially with the A12 chip
      The notch never gets in my way (I own an iPhone X), and I do play games on it
      I looked Flamingo up. Apparently it is dead and no longer available.
      I will give credit to Samsung’s camera. Both cameras are amazing, but the iPhone doesn’t have super slow-mo.
      The iPhone will have an always on display, or do you mean an always on lock screen?
      Apple’s Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, and it always works from my experience and other iPhone X users. Touch ID and Face ID is not only unnecessary, it becomes less secure.

    • Tech Talk Today says:


    • Alexis rodarmer rodarmer says:

      You bitter, if so don’t watch!

    • Anthony says:

      What’s not on your Android : security

  17. Jadden says:

    getting mine Monday.. the urge to watch the IPhone Xβ€˜s Max Gold Videos & watching your videos are not helping but overall interesting! I would love to meet you πŸ™‚ I see you were learning German! Haha im German πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

  18. low says:

    I’m watching this on huawei, it’s cheaper😜😜😜

  19. Jessica Noble says:

    I have got the iPhone XS max I’m so happy

  20. Ingrid Rosario says:

    Love to watch her videos, however, I am so not convinced with this phone. I will keep my iPhone X until Apple brings something incredibly innovative.

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