What’s The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

What’s The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

We’re putting our buds to the test to determine what’s the best cheese for your burger!  GMM #1556
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49 Responses

  1. Sabrina Qualls says:

    evidently that tomato hypnosis didnt actually work on Link ???

  2. Matthew Duer says:

    2:25 joshing reaction is everything “haha…what?”

  3. nivolord says:

    Link: We have twelve cheeses to consider, that’s a bit much. Let’s bring it down to four.
    Rett: But can I still eat twelve burgers?
    Link: …. sure.

  4. Kirsty Ellinger says:

    Happy Father’s Day to the two coolest Dad’s on youtube. 😀

  5. Let's Fail Games says:

    “Daddy been at the club again?”

    *looks up and around*


  6. Im Swaggy says:

    People been laughing at me for loving Gouda. Who’s laughing now?! WE GOT THE MOST ACCURATE RANKING ON OUR SCREENS!

    • JS 09 says:

      Accurate??? They put American “cheese” in the top 4!!!!!!! It doesn’t even deserve to be called cheese!

    • thenonexistinghero says:

      @JS 09 Well, it is great on burgers. It’s essentially designed to be great on burgers. As for Gouda… my country has like a million of them. Pretty much any Dutch cheese seems to be called Gouda in the US.

    • garret owens says:

      JS 09 real American cheese is just cheddar with butter in it.

    • JS 09 says:

      @garret owens No, “real” American “cheese” is max 51% cheese, rest is E numbers!

  7. DMZ says:

    Opening title card: Good Mythical Morning

    Rhett: Good. Mythical. Summer.

    Opening title card: am i a joke to you

  8. Tomas Green says:

    Cheddar was eliminated in the preliminaries?!?! I declare this test null and void!!!

  9. 0r1ginal says:

    1990: In future we will have flying cars!

  10. Skyguy 115 says:

    “Has Daddy been in the club again”-Rhett 2019

  11. Silentgrace11 says:

    May I recommend to you the magic that is Munster cheese?

    Glad to see Gouda take the limelight here, though.

  12. adam mac says:

    Josh, you couldn’t just make one kind of burger; they needed “diner”, “backyard”, _AND_ “gourmet” versions? Such an overachiever, LOVE IT. ??

  13. Pepper Crust says:


    Link: *oNE*
    Rhett: *pikachu shocked face*

  14. Kailee Young says:

    Tilamook sharp cheddar no contest

  15. Bobus McDerpus says:

    Provolone and Pepperjack.
    Arguments are invalid.

  16. byron7583 says:

    No Provolone?? Test is automatically disqualified

  17. iisAva hiyou says:

    Rhett: “In my loins, even”
    Link: looks at loins*

  18. cheesy mexican 18 says:

    bruh you didn’t even consider provolone smh ?‍♂️

  19. Blake Braden says:

    Link: the mozzarella had little taste, I give it a 3.

    That Gouda was really good, very suprised… I give it a 3…WHAT?!

  20. Kathleen Clark says:

    pepperjack is best and the rest of yall can FIGHT ME

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