When a kid and parent won’t listen to the flight attendant #shorts #tips

When a kid and parent won’t listen to the flight attendant #shorts #tips

@Jeenie.Weenie #shorts

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46 Responses

  1. Tas Uchiha Itachi says:

    I- oh my god I’m scared of flight attendants now

  2. SleepyKiddo says:

    Lol when my sister did this to my dad, he turned around and said ” Stop it right now or your walking home”.

  3. Navya Manoj says:

    I remember on a 17-hour flight, the child behind me would not stop kicking my seat & keep in mind, I was also a child so I got super irritated. However, no one told him to stop so that must’ve been the worst flight I’ve been on.

    • idiot in the comment section says:

      *Comment APPROVED ✔️*

    • Livi says:

      LOL 😂

    • Ava Combs says:

      @Aria rabbit you’re*

    • •Lemon Tree• says:

      The worst flight I’ve been on:
      1. No food
      2. Can’t even play games that aren’t online-
      3. No tv to use so I can’t even know how many hours left
      4. Mother didn’t care about me
      5. The chairs weren’t comfortable
      6. the person behind me was kicking
      7. The person infront of me was sleeping (we sat next to the window seat) and there’s that gap next to the window that he put his leg on and cut his toe nails

      If this ain’t the worst flight ever idk what is-

    • Summer Sinanan says:

      @•Lemon Tree• O M G- I would honestly murder everyone on the plane

  4. mike hunt says:

    Once I saw a dad on a plane who would not sit down until his kid used the toilet. The flight attendant was panicking cause the plane was landing soon

  5. Minecraft Walker says:

    What Jeenie says is true, “We provide great service to our fellow passengers and crew”.

  6. Shaurya Hype says:

    “Do you and your mom want to go skydiving”LMAO🤣🤣

  7. My name isn’t your business says:

    I died of laughter when she said “Do you and your mom wanna go skydiving?” 😂😂😂😂

  8. TzuNaMiNing And Jimin’s jams says:

    Flight attendant: Miss your child is causing trouble in the flight .

    Mom: He causes trouble at home too but did I ever bother you?

  9. Wangchu Nima says:

    Jeenie: Hi sweetheart.. do u and your mom wanna go skydiving?
    Later: Thrown off the plane by Jeenie 🤣🤣🤣

  10. TimeBucks says:

    “sweetie do you and your mum wanna go skydiving”

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