When Did the Oscars Stop Respecting Animation?

When Did the Oscars Stop Respecting Animation?

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Schaff has a few choice words for the Oscars.

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04:32 The 90s
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25:27 The Future

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51 Responses

  1. Schaffrillas Productions says:

    “When did they start respecting animation?” Idk man maybe the video will tell you and you can leave a comment after you’ve watched it

    • David Spencer says:

      @Tom Scott If you really are one of the creators, I got a tip for you.
      Try doing a balance with what your movie will include. For example, if you have a dark tone in it, try finding a light tone just as big as the dark tone, kind of like with the Lion King. Also it might help for some parts to look a little serious, to show that there’s something important going on. Anyway, I hope it does well. 👍

    • Ragnarok 935 says:

      That comment was hilarious. U wrong for deleting it

    • Fuzzy Biscuits says:

      No fucking way

    • liamdude5 says:

      I was thinking that, but I was going to wait until after the video to actually type it

    • Tom Scott says:

      Get ready Schaffrillas, I know your love for Prince of Egypt and we’re making the next big budget biblical animated musical called David! I’m the editor of it and hope you like it when it comes out in 2025!

  2. AlphaMale says:

    Animation needs to be accepted as a medium not a genre .

  3. klutzedufus says:

    fun fact: chicken run was heavily pushed to be nominated for the best picture, and while it didn’t get the nomination, it’s what made them add the best animated feature category the next year. chicken run walked so shrek could run

  4. Dread pirate Maddy says:

    I cannot understate how much I love the medium of animation and how mad it’s disrespect from the academy pisses me off. When it’s done well, the stylization inherent to animation makes it possible to convey a level of emotion that literally isn’t possible in live action. I have never cried at a live action movie but I have cried at every single animated movie that made any effort to get that reaction. Not to mention the skill and artistry that goes into an animated movie.

  5. I Have A Plan. I Just Need Money. says:

    Its honestly funny. Some of my “film loving” friends passed up on Spiderverse just because it was animated. When we all watched it at a friend’s house, they were all blown away by its visuals, screenplay, storytelling. And it was crazy how they can’t wrap their head around an animated movie doing things that are only possible in an animated movie. 😂

    It was like watching children discover a religion.

    • Sol says:

      I honestly think that superhero movies are better off animated instead of live action. The original comics were usually over the top and very stylized so animation is a much better way to convey that

    • Soul Angela says:

      I honestly prefer animated movies because I think there’s more possible with animation than real life. I’m Dutch but the movie unfortunately isn’t available on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc. I just discovered there is ONE medium I can watch it, so I might go check it out since I’ve wanted to watch it for so long.

  6. MayoO says:

    I really can’t believe Frozen stood out much more than it deserves. I truly believe that if Ernest and Celestine had won that Oscar in 2012, people would have a different perception of what popular movies should be.

    • Spoodeeful says:

      When Triplets of Belleville was nominated in 2003 I remember asking my parents what it was and them saying “its a cartoon for grown ups”. that completely changed my view on animation. I was 10. A 10 year old can understand that animation isn’t just for kids so why cant these guys?

    • ladiorange says:

      I just re-watched The Little Mermaid for the first time in like 20 years. It’s interesting comparing that to Frozen. In Frozen, I don’t know who is having the journey (which sister) or if there is a love interest? I don’t know what is at stake really. But the Little Mermaid is very clear cut. I’m following Ariel. She wants to be a human. Then she sees Prince Eric. And all the songs are great. With Frozen, it’s interesting because you have a person trying to write a song to be more Avril Lavigne (as she says in interviews.) And you have someone singing on the cusp of divorce. It’s powerful. As a stand-along song. But I can’t even remember the other songs. But it could be just me ….

    • ladiorange says:

      @MayoO Well that explains a lot. StudioCanal are an amazing independent studio. It was interesting to see clips of both Song of the Sea as well as Persepolis in the original video. My work’s bookclub just chose Persepolis as the book to read. And we love Song of the Sea. I feel like crying just thinking about that powerful film. It’s interesting because I found Song of the Sea more moving than Moana

    • The Fantastic Frank says:

      I still can’t believe this won over The Wind Rises

    • MayoO says:

      I would also recomend “The big Bad Fox and Other Tales” from the same studio (STUDIOCANAL) and, well, Ernest and Celestine got a sequel last december that looks pretty fine but i havent be able to watch yet

  7. Jackstar says:

    If it’s not a sappy documentary or a biopic then it doesn’t matter to the Oscars. Animation isn’t the only thing that gets ignored. Horror, despite being home to many of the most iconic films in culture, has been forever overlooked by the Oscars.

    • Little Devil says:

      @MGgardiner speaking of which, The Menu falls into this category and is up for several nominations this year

    • José Aguilar says:

      The problem is that great documentaries and biopics have been animated before but they still lose to whatever Pixar shat out that year. All because they just vote whatever their kids watched that year.

    • MGgardiner says:

      Closest they get is psych thriller/horror contenders usually, like Silence of the Lambs

  8. Croutonking65 says:

    I learned that voters for the best animated category doesn’t require them to watch every nominee to vote. That should tell you how much respect the academy has for animated films

    • Hunter O'Laughlin says:

      Even if I already made my pick for Best Animated Feature before watching any of the animated film nominees, I’d still watch them to show respect for the directors and animators that put a lot of passion and talent into their works.

    • David Gusqui Loor says:

      Yeah, reading the statements of the people that voted for Frozen was painful.
      They only cared that the song was iconic and their kids liked it, didn’t even bothered to watch the other candidates

    • Sneed's Feed & Seed says:

      @Puddled Plort It’s kinda ironic how Best Animated Picture seems to have the opposite issue to Best Picture.

      Your average Best Picture winner is some obscure art movie only cinema snobs watch, rarely giving popular movies a shot.

      Your average Best Animated Picture is some popular Disney/Pixar movie, rarely giving more indie, experimental animations recognition.

    • Xavier says:

      @Beau Abrahall It beat Wind Rises and Ernest & Celestine.

    • nelsonTh says:

      I mean, even if the other categories require it, who’s actually checking up on them?

  9. Richie says:

    Seeing this video made me remember how disappointed I was that Spiderverse did not get no recognition. Animation is an Amazing and Beautiful Medium, it deserves so much more recognition and more respect. And I really think that Puss in Boots: The Last Wish deserves to win the Oscar.

    • Wolfiegirlie456 says:

      @Storyphile I agree, both are amazing in terms of storyline, animation, VA and just everything! it would be amazing if both could win even though it isn’t possible it would be amazing if it was

    • Storyphile says:

      I wish GDT’s Pinocchio and Puss in Boots could both win. I love them both so much and it sucks that this is their only category so one (or both) will walk away with nothing.

    • Wolfiegirlie456 says:

      I feel the same way, both movies were animated BEAUTIFULLY and should get recognition for it. I can’t even imagine how long it took to produce that type of animation, it looks GOREGOUS and has a type of.. comic book style during the action scenes that just *chefs kiss*
      Also replying to Hunter O’Laughlin: I also think that this movie should win an Oscar I think I watched a video on how it was animated and it blew me away that not only did they use stop-motion but also 3-d printed parts, and it took 2 AND A HALF YEARS TO MAKE!? This movie should totally win an Oscar!

    • Bethany Brookes says:

      @Hunter O’Laughlin sure, but it winning would be a bit of a reach, seeing as its not a disney, pixar or dreamworks film. and we know how the academy treats lesser known studios that make animated movies.

    • Hunter O'Laughlin says:

      Will you be alright if Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio wins the Best Animated Feature Oscar?

  10. TheGeopigMan says:

    Marcel is high key one of the most mature movies so far, this year.
    Yet, when I went to see it, the cinema had a bunch of kids that weren’t interested and parents that weren’t paying attention.
    Golden goose in sheep’s clothing.

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