when earth evolves into an impossible shape

when earth evolves into an impossible shape

when earth evolves into an impossible shape
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37 Responses

  1. Imagine Existing says:

    I love how one of Gray’s sayings is “Not Today Satan”, but in these games he literally plays as Satan

  2. D L says:

    McDonald’s worker: What would you like today?

    Gray: *do you sell planet fries?*

  3. Ashley S says:

    Gray just proved the Earth is neither round, nor flat. IT’S FRENCH FRY SHAPED, DAMMIT!!!!

  4. Adam _154 says:

    A wise man once said: “Torture takes time”


  5. Dragicorn Purpel says:

    Gray, killing all the humans and making the rest suffer: haha French fry
    Also gray when he accidentally kills a space dragon: what have I done

  6. Rob Harrison says:

    “Torture takes time, okay…”

    Gray isn’t torturing people…he’s “evenly cooking the french fry”.

  7. the Xbox Gamer of Old says:

    grey has effectively shown us how the forerunners made the halo rings, bravo.

  8. Rose Evelyn says:

    Gray’s motto is “I’mma yeet life in every game I find, in the most hilarious fashions all while being psychotic.” 😛 edit: 6:21 that laugh terrifies me.

  9. Bob The Minion says:

    Grey: “I broke things in a way they weren’t meant to be broken.”

    Me: “isn’t that the purpose of this channel?”

  10. Christopher Earth says:

    worker: “Welcome to McGalactus, what would you like to order?”
    gray: “hello, i’d like two space-teriyakis, one double mcearth with a side of voidfries.”
    worker: “And your drink?”
    gray: *”the blood of the many people i have killed.”*

    worker: “That’ll be 13.57$.”

    • Qizeng Chen says:

      You forgot one thing

      Gray wants something called the souls of all those people for his appetizer

    • Iapetus says:

      ”I heard this restuarant stole the farthest planet from the solar system , made it a drink and called it ”Neptune milkshake” since other planet foods here are just rouge planets. Or clones of the earth”

      ”Can i have that new drink , with some Earth fries please?”

      ”H o w d o e s i t c o s t”

    • gta gaming says:


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