When Guys Take It Too Far with Their Wives’ Breast Implant Surgery! #shorts #plasticsurgeon

When Guys Take It Too Far with Their Wives’ Breast Implant Surgery! #shorts #plasticsurgeon

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  1. Suddenly♡Alone says:

    The amount of videos this guys makes about disrespect husbands/boyfriends worries me that he deals with that many of guys like that and it really bothers me that people like that even exist let alone that there’s so many of them. At least he’s calling them out 🙂

    • Yachi's Hairclips says:

      @Chuky Uniqul
      You sounded ignorant with your comment that a plastic surgeons job is only to do cosmetic surgery…
      Plastic surgery focuses more on repairing extensive damaged skin parts and deformities…

    • Chuky Uniqul says:

      @Connor Barkington Doesn’t matter, not the point of the video or my comment. Sounds like you’re looking for validation or using my comment to soapbox about body modders.

    • Chuky Uniqul says:

      @N Kita Not the topic of the video, not the point of my comment, doesn’t change the fact it IS the branch of medicine dealing with the most shallow people by its very nature.

    • Chuky Uniqul says:

      @Nyu Myu Women are bombarded by corporations because they know y’all compete with one another in looks. Men are tertiary at best, only incidental beneficiaries. On top of that, you will notice that at no point did I say anything condemning women who get cosmetic surgery specifically. I only pointed out that it’s shitty when husbands treat their wives like trophies (even if sometimes that’s what the woman intends to bring to the relationship, it’s what it’s)

    • Chuky Uniqul says:

      @Sandra Yazin It means what I said. Out of any medical field, plastic surgery is the one field that attracts the most shallow and vapid people. So to no one’s surprise, Dr. Youn is dealing witha fair amount of them. That’s all it means. Nothing more and nothing less, I am not condemning the practice because that would be idiotic.

  2. Sarah no says:

    Add in the part where “she gets a divorce and goes clubbing with her friends to celebrate ”
    *party on the rooftop top of the world!*

    • Shadow Starlight 201831 says:

      Young doesn’t mean better my boy.

    • DIYa says:

      @ADITYA she was replying with the same energy because a man said along the lines of “women’s value burns out” , maybe read all of the comments?

    • TheOneWhoKnocks says:

      @Xiao Long Bao Enthusiaist  “Aging is not exclusive to women” No, but losing the ability to create a family at a young age is almost exclusively female.

    • S A says:

      @Joe Troll Ya’ll are so delusional with that rethorique, but ya’lls gon find out. Men don’t magically become hot after 30, like women don’t fall apart. And the fact, that you said “men are not hot in their 20s’ well.. Haha. Yes, some are not hot and not gonna be after that too

    • S A says:

      @ADITYA 😂 It’s a fact I sent a reply to another comment and in the whooole thread, only that was what you cherry picked. ‘iF a MaN’ Shut up.😂 You don’t go around correcting ‘men’s’ shit. It’s not an ‘If’

  3. Faythe says:

    It’s so crazy that’s an actual thing back in the eighties that happened a lot I’m so glad that surgeons have finally came out of that

  4. Diana King says:

    I think it’s awesome that Dr. Youn cares enough to empower women instead of dragging us down. He’s a wonderful example as to what a Dr should be.

  5. Isaac Lanier says:

    If you didn’t pay for it then you don’t get a decision. Even if you did, she has a right to say no. 💕

    • Filip Babovic says:

      @Michael Carney Then i guess she is gonna pay herself

    • Tim says:

      @Sandra Yazin He means you get the surgery if it turns out it was the right size he pays, if it wasn’t he doesn’t. Just so you cant take the money and do something else with it. Not saying I agree with this though. I don’t.

    • Max Mustermann says:

      @Sandra Yazin yes you are correct you would get to choose the size, it’s your money, I have still the freedom to say no.

      The example of the car was just an analogy.

    • Sandra Yazin says:

      @Max Mustermann And nobody said anything about cars mate. So I don’t know what you’re on about.

    • Sandra Yazin says:

      @Max Mustermann Yeah no. That’s not how it works, if I paid for you to get a dick enlargement, would that mean I get to choose how big I want it to be, or would you men freak out just as you constantly do when such situations affect you in return. Yeah thought so. If you pay for a woman’s boob job then you’re only paying for the boob job to get done, you’re no paying for the size, unless she wants to, but then you’ll to do your job twice. Other than that, You don’t get a say.

  6. Sherri Sonnier says:

    I am so glad this doctor understands what “my body, my choice” means to women.

  7. ashk says:

    the perfect doc
    keeping pepole healthy and entertained at the same time

  8. Dawniebug says:

    I love that he can actually cuss at people just by adding a voice over and he does it SO well!

  9. ItsLxtte says:

    your expression was so perfect with the audio 😂😂

  10. Wonder Why says:

    Sounds like your good friend Dr.Ricky Brown 😂

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