When Mike Tyson Lost His Control

When Mike Tyson Lost His Control

Mikes Tyson loses his control while fighting against Lou Savarese in 2000. Mike Tyson hits the referee and didn’t stop even after stopping the bout and this fight became his 2nd shortest fight of his career.

by Florid Miston

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26 Responses

  1. Nate Davis says:

    Mike was a savage in there. You could see once he saw his corner man in there he snapped out of it. Poor mike, man really had a fucked life in those days glad he’s much better now and can articulate what it was like in those days and how that rage had control of him.

    • daughter and dad channel says:

      That’s what made him so scary tho! You can still it in him when he talks. He an awesome person tho

  2. blue bird says:

    Was there a reason for him to lose control? Did the other opponent shit talk him or was it just Tyson in a mode and couldn’t get out?

  3. Noodle says:

    He had a horrible life back then, he was fighting his own demons.

  4. Alex Lilano says:

    Tyson looks so much smaller than him. Tyson still blew him away in the first round.

    • j blah says:

      Looks? The dude was towering over him lol You wont see fights like this anymore. Weights too much regulations..but tyson a real fighter. Not like this clowns nowadays

  5. happy Wednesday says:

    I’m honestly more impressed at how humble this man has become.

  6. Mr Hombre Gordo says:

    I’m so amazed at the MAN Mike has become. He doesnt let his past dictate his future. He got away from all those snakes and that fkd up entourage. I’m so happy for Him now👑💯❤💪🏿

    • Irving Aguirre-Ledesma says:

      I don’t know about all that, he still gets a angry when you bring up his past allegations.

  7. Senor says:

    He didn’t zone out, he was pissed and wanted to “kill” the guy, it was no accident or “ oops I didn’t notice the ref between us doing his all to separate us”

  8. x says:

    Mike is such a genuine, humble person.

  9. Dustin Is Driving says:

    Mike was like… I didn’t hear no bell 🛎

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