When My Parents Got Divorced

When My Parents Got Divorced

“It is a big deal and it can completely affect your life.”

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20 Responses

  1. NinaRinaMarina says:

    People change as they age. I think people don’t think about the fact that
    when you marry someone at 30, that person won’t be the same at 50. But
    that’s ok and that’s what marriage is supposed to about; working things out
    and adapting to changes TOGETHER. I don’t understand the ‘oh well if things
    weren’t working out anymore’ argument. No relationship can exist without
    effort to keep it together. If you’ve been together for 20 years, chances
    are you don’t have to give up now. Someone has committed half of their life
    to you, surely you can make it past the difficulties together for the sake
    of a union that’s supposed to be for life….and for the children born from

  2. HarroKitteh says:

    My parents split when i was 6 or 7, didnt really affect me too much after
    the initial sadness, I still got to see dad every week until he passed

  3. officialbeth dude says:

    wow this brought back memories

  4. Surfer Girl says:

    My mom and dad divorced last year and you know what? I was happy. My
    parents were happy, I was happy, and all those kids who asked me if I
    wanted them to get back together, I said no. And they looked so shocked. I
    wanted them to be happy, to have freedom to do what they wanted, because it
    just didn’t work when dad was in the house. And yes, it is a change, but
    it’s a change for the better. You have to understand that if they were
    happy together, they wouldn’t divorce. And when people asked if I was sad,
    upset, if I cried, if I wanted them to get back together, I just told them
    that I’m happier without them together. My life has improved, for the

  5. Fiery Soul says:

    My parents got divorced when I was 5, I didn’t give two shits because I
    didn’t understand it that well. Yet here I am like 7 years later, knowing
    the meaning of what happened and why it happened, and I am just fine.
    People can get over things, they just choose not too.

  6. Siiri Maria Loikkanen says:

    I was six years old, and all I remember is thinking it’s better that they
    wont fight anymore. I never thought it was about me, I never thought they’d
    stop loving me etc.. It felt just normal. Suddenly I had two homes instead
    of one and my parents didnt love eachothers anymore but they loved me and
    my sister just as much as they used to. I’m so happy how well my parents,
    especially mom handled things and explained me everything I needed to know
    about theie divorce. I never had problem with it even when they started to
    date other people. Thanks mom and dad. :3

  7. Siiri Maria Loikkanen says:

    When the hot guy with green eyes said he’s been through two divorces, why
    did I hear Ross Gellers voice in my head saying “Two divorces! Two
    divorces!” ?

  8. Anni Suarez says:

    personally, I will always hate my parents for not divorcing. But to each
    his own, I suppose.

  9. Amanda Gonzales says:

    My mom is getting re-married this year, but we already live with him. I
    swear, it just feels like he’s just staying over for a bit cause I’m so
    used to not having a dad around.

  10. Why do you wanna know my name? says:

    Buzzfeels man Buzzfeels….

  11. keriezy says:

    Each story fits. Amazing, hearing others’ stories makes you realize how
    much your parents can screw you up.

  12. Chad Kimball says:

    rarely see videos like this about divorce, good

  13. Grace DeAngelo says:

    My parents getting divorce did not affect my life whatsoever. It was not
    that big of a deal. Not trying to be a hater but I kinda feel like some of
    this video is BS

  14. dunginmaster4 says:

    Sad that divorce is a normal thing now should be a law not to get divorced
    if you have children

  15. David Avila says:

    When my parents got divorced it was their best disision ever

  16. Adam Weber says:

    I remember clearly, I dining care, just more presents

  17. Just gimme my $200 says:

    0:11 Wait a second. He looks like…

    Kimmel (trolololo)

  18. Caroline Cornell says:

    i am 12 been through 5 divorces ;(

  19. Bewitched Eye says:

    My mom and dad never married, they were only dating when they had me. When
    i was a couple months old, my dad and my mom broke up and that was that.
    Recently he has been trying to call me but i honestly don’t want his love.
    Basically when he was dating my mom, he lied to her by saying that he was
    married but he will get a divorce soon.He is still with that same woman to
    this day. He has made my mom suffer and basically called me a mistake. Idk
    how kids with divorced parents feel, but i honestly would rather have a
    father, if only for a while, then get a divorce and leave. I have never
    experienced the love and comfort from a father and i probably never will.

  20. firebrandsgirl says:

    My parents did an amazing job. They both put us first. My dad moved to the
    drive way. They never talked bad about each other. Dad was always at the
    house. HAHAHA My mom didn’t move. We are effected by the divorce, but not