When Rehearsal Becomes The Show: Stephen Colbert’s First-Ever No-Audience Late Show Monologue

When Rehearsal Becomes The Show: Stephen Colbert’s First-Ever No-Audience Late Show Monologue

For the first time ever, Stephen Colbert hosted The Late Show without an audience after New York City ordered its Broadway theaters to go dark in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus. #Colbert #Monologue #Coronavirus

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56 Responses

  1. absol says:

    The vibe of this reminded me of when no one was at school on like one of the last days of the year and the teacher is way more relaxed with everyone

  2. Gary Cooper says:

    They should do a no-audience “Late Show” more often.
    Not all the time, but once in a while.

  3. Mag Magnet says:

    I found this one surprisingly hilarious due to Stephen sharing with us his anxieties and being homest with us!!! Super funny in the face of this terror lol.

  4. Frank Parent says:

    It’s almost eerie without an audience. Stay safe y’all.

  5. Justin Felder says:

    To help make up for the lack of a studio audience here are my laughs:

  6. Frank Parent says:

    “When we come back, more of whatever this is” 😂🤣

  7. Karina Flower says:

    Steven takes a glug from his large glass of bourbon.

    “I think this is going well.”

    Please don’t stop doing shows, Steven. America needs you, now more than ever.

  8. Ashley Santoro says:

    I love Stephen unhinged. Entertaining as hell. Just hope he’s doing okay and adjusting well enough.

    • Mushba Ahmed says:

      @Severe Statementso0001 h1k019

    • alefnull says:

      @Severe Statements so, is this what you do? just go to random popular channels and post the same comment over and over, advertising your own channel, on videos that have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic you’re discussing?

  9. Amber Hudelson says:

    Who needs an entire live audience of unpaid people when you have John the pianist? That’s so comforting, should bottle it.

  10. Conlan Mueller says:

    Oh my god, I’m dying of laughter. Can we make Colbert + bourbon + “rehearsal” format a regular thing, like once a month or once every couple weeks?

  11. MG Wray says:

    Stephen should go to a Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood set-up until he gets his audience back.

  12. Marco Klaue says:

    9:30 I was fully expecting Jon to play a smoky jazz ballad… maybe “Misty”, “Blue in Green”, “How High the Moon…” NOT expecting Chopin! Way to go, Jon!

  13. Lee Markham says:

    Colbert mentions his “secret show” in Monroe, Michigan in 2015. He did this at Monroe Public Access Cable Television in 2015, between his gigs on the Colbert Report and The Late Show. My wife and I were camera operators for that show.

  14. This Face Believes You says:

    “How’s it going?”
    “It’s moving. It’s moving”
    _So are my food poisoned bowels…_

  15. PsionNexus says:

    John is such a delightfully cultured troll with that music selection. I love him so much.

  16. The Drunk Monk says:

    Steven had me wondering if he was sick at the start. Guess he’s just been drinking. Fun show but keep it together Steven, we need you!

    • Lauren Pina says:

      The Drunk Monk He did a lap around the audience seats when he came out (just before this clip) so he was winded.

  17. Mari Anne Souza says:

    I hope there’s a huge TV audience watching this. These no-live-audience performances are going to be historic, many years from now. Ya think?!!

  18. Paul Diez says:

    Potentially one of the most amazing moments of this show, reality knocking at the door of the man who shows us the pain of the world through a comedic light, and still he gives us a reason to smile. I could feel the anxiety at times, it sort of felt like this was the last tv broadcast before the end of the world, yet despite this, Stephen Colbert, the man, the myth, the legend perseveres. Truly a hilarious, beautiful and amazing episode that I won’t soon forget. Thank you for being you Stephen.

  19. Benginator says:

    Jon: I actually don’t know how I am.

    Stephen: What do you mean you don’t know who you are?

    That was the moment I realized this was gonna be a sweet clip

  20. MF GTM says:

    No one:
    Stephen Colbert: Trump bad lol
    Audience: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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