When Someone Has A Crush on You | Lilly Singh

When Someone Has A Crush on You | Lilly Singh

You know that feeling when someone has a crush on you!! Watch Lilly Singh break down the three phases of finding out someone likes her.
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55 Responses

  1. IISuperwomanII says:

    Gooooood afternoon, good evening, good morning. Whatever it is when you’re reading this wherever you are. I am SICK right now, but am still planning to spend the next hour replying to your comments. Let’s start a party in the comments <3

    • Sophia Maxon says:

      Hi Lilly! I’m Sophia and my principal, my friend maddy and I are wondering if you would be open to speak at our school. If you could respond or give some advice that would be life changing because I’m a fangirl and you know us. Anyways, I’ve been watching your videos since 2011 and your hustle inspires me so much that I wanted to share it with others:) I’m planning on having a GirlLove Assembly at My Middle School and I’m a new student so my principal was really happy I had some ideas and knew someone like you. #SuperSixty

    • lauren finch says:


    • charlotte kraft says:

      Aw im sorry I hope you feel better Lilly!!!

  2. Sanisha Langthasa says:


  3. Caitlyn Gellar says:

    tfw ur crush liked u before + now u like ur crush now

  4. john samuel says:

    U made INDIANS proud…….
    Lilly akka

  5. Sarah Susan K says:

    Can’t relate to this. Sad life😂😂

  6. Angel'DArcherCryBaby says:

    *I love the fact that her lipsticks color matches the color of the lipstick on the lips print on the shirt!*

    _that confused you eh?_

  7. Don't need A name says:

    I love how she always uses scenes from mean girls 😂❤️

  8. audrey mishca says:

    what up mean girls reference!! 2:30

  9. Venus From Earth says:

    Story of my life

  10. Faith Grey says:

    catch the crushes like pokemon 😂

  11. lisasuhre1 says:

    This makes me feeel soo much better about myself ngl 😂🙄

  12. YoloJikook says:

    I can’t relate to this video 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Love Videos - Medha Singh says:

    2:19 – 2:39 mean girls.. just loved that scene..🙋😱😘😘

  14. star blue says:

    Hm, I never had I crush, and no one ever had a crush on me. WHAT DO U DO IN THIS SITUATION?

  15. suzycue303 says:

    2:20 mean girls reference!!
    also factorials.. its a geography class no?

  16. Athena Erebus says:

    The way you all watched him die😂 then just casually say, ” He used to have a crush on me.”🙌

  17. the lol-er !! says:

    Guess this is the only vid of superwoman i couldn’t relate to..😅

  18. little rose says:

    When you can’t relate coz nobody got a crush on you😂🙄

  19. bella simpson says:

    that scene in the classroom was literally like mean girls 😂

  20. xylie100 says:

    Lilly: “I have a crush”
    Me: slowly opens my mouth in shock
    Lilly: “takes out an orange crush”
    Me: I should’ve known. I should’ve known.

    This is why I have trust issues 😂

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