When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)

When Stupidity Goes Viral (with a wholesome twist)


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23 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    You know what they say “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

  2. Ramblin’Nernd590 says:

    It’s good to know not all “gorilla incidents” ended badly. The stories are amazing!

    God bless Binti!

  3. Roman Regman says:

    Turns out empathy is way underrated in comparison to what’s considered “intelligence”, even though “emotional intelligence” should definitely be included in the overall “intelligence” skill. By this metric, we should look for intelligent life here with renewed interest, just as much as looking for intelligent life outside our planet.

    • c b says:

      I dont know why a subform of morals, or in this case, just parental instinct, should be considered intelligence.

      Morals are already pretty hard to uphold for most people.
      It requires a lot of intelligence to be actually just and fair, while not corrupting your own codex.

      Empathy is just blind kindness.

      What you said sounds nice on the surface and people instantly get fooled into the idea that you are educated… but,
      You are using words you can barely define nor connect. And neither does the rest reading this.

    • Saerwon VM says:

      They are different things and measure different things. If you want to call empathy intelligence, sure, but don’t compare things that can’t be compared. I repeat, different things …

    • Juan Joya Borja. says:

      Well, octopuses fall very harshly with that measure then

  4. Jess Ragan says:

    The most frustrating zoo story I’ve heard was when a little kid decided to get up close and personal with meerkats, thinking that they were Nathan Lane because of that Disney movie and that the worst they could do to her was be sassy and sarcastic. She got bitten, and the entire pack of meerkats in the exhibit were put down because her parents wouldn’t consent to giving her a rabies shot.

    • Jonathan Gore says:

      @Kevin O’Neil they didn’t take any risk tho, they literally murdered every single meerkat to check for rabies

    • Jonathan Gore says:

      @Queen Dragoncake you mean the little kid who is equally innocent and was so young they confused fiction and reality? The 2 people at fault were the zoo for making it too accessible and the parents for not watching their child

    • obli vion says:

      @Veladus Some people are keyboard warriors who most likely call their moms because they can’t reach the AC remote! I’m with you on this one. I love the animal kingdom, except mosquitos, and if my sister was being attacked by a wild animal, even if it’s her fault, I’d save her, and hence hurt the animal if that’s what it takes. This doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t rebuke her for her deed, but I care for my family more than animals or what’s legally/morally justified.

  5. KiwiMan96 says:

    Binti seems like the cool mom that every friend group has. “You’re not my kid, but you’re welcome to stay for dinner if you like.”

    • beatboxexe says:

      that child was airdropped right into her adoption list, binti would definitely recognize the boy if he would’ve came back

  6. CrustyJimmies says:

    The fact that so many kids have fallen into gorilla enclosures is kind of insane, wtf are those parents doing.
    Primates are one of those weird animals where theres so many stories that make me terrified of them, but also so many stories that make me admire them. I guess theres also a lot of people who provoke these animals or treat them poorly then try to play it off as “they’re just violent, evil creatures.” If you dress a monkey in human clothes, throw a diaper on it, and lock it in your tiny house chances are it’s going to go berserk sooner or later, same with screaming at them in a zoo or trespassing in their territory.

  7. babann says:

    genuinely teared up at Binty at the end being a grandma, these are such cool animals and I’m glad stories like that go viral so people have a good impression of them and don’t villanize them for just being animals

  8. impofstpete727 says:

    I want lend a little extra context to the problem with tranquilizer darts as told to me by several people who worked at zoos:
    People typically think these are hypodermic needles but the reality it terrifying. A tranquilizer dart, depending on the animal it’s being used on, can be quite large. Put your index and middle fingers together, that’s the sedative cylinder. The actual needle is almost like a drinking straw. Getting hit is painful. The cocktail of drugs matters too. The typical combination is Rompine and Ketamine. Yes, you read that correctly. Underdose the dart and it can take forever, if it all, to take effect. Overdose and you can kill the animal. The dosage is by weight and that can pose a problem if the darts are pre-measured. Even at the perfect dose it can take some larger animals a half hour to go down. Meanwhile you have a hurt, pissed off animal that just got stuck running around. The delivery gun has to be in good order while the operator has to be well trained or they may not get adequate penetration to deliver the dose. Basically it’s a gamble and even if the animal is knocked out the staff must act quickly to prevent them from falling in a manner that harm them further. Elephants are apparently the hardest to tranquilizer as if they fall forward on their legs it can cause traumatic chest compression and stop their heart.

    • Gi Gi says:

      Very true!
      Not to mention how an animal reacts unpredictably when the adrenaline hits.
      It may shrug off the drugs, or the drugs may take longer to take effect. An animal may respond to the pain aggressively, only to collapse in a bad place or crash completely from an overdose after a time.
      Even anesthetizing domestic animals in more controlled settings can go wrong sometimes; a tranquilizer is so much more complicated!

  9. Mark Marett says:

    Totally over the moon that Jambo’s story got told here, it took place in Jersey’s Durrell Wildlife Park and he’s one of our biggest local legends, the statue of Jambo outside the Gorilla enclosure (same enclose just with chest high walls, railings etc) is super popular and every kid I know has a picture of them riding on his back. Jambo is proof that animals are just as (and sometimes a lot more) intelligent and compassionate as humans 🦍 ♥

  10. theresa Suprise says:

    You do not have to ever apologize for not getting things up on some vague timeline. I will be patient. To fill the time waiting, I just rewatch my favorites from you. Glad to hear whatever the problem was, its fixed. As always, loved the video, and thanx for showing, Gorillas rock!

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