when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares

when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares


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36 Responses

  1. Robert A says:

    Plot twist: Gordon Ramsay is running this account, and his kids are deciding the titles.

  2. Kitchen Nightmares says:


  3. Andrew says:

    Producers must have figured out people like
    1. Bad food
    2. Gordon gets dessert made by old lady or underdog chef
    3. Gordon loves the dessert, rubbing it in the face of the owners.

    • Lex Xander says:

      So truu

    • Az Mu says:

      @Lex Xander woah hol up what’s up with your pfp?

    • kenser• says:

      @Az Mu down bad

    • dragon says:

      That’s always my favorite part of these episodes. Gordon tries and loves the food of the underdog chef who’s genuinely good just wants recognition or the sweet older woman who makes genuinely good desserts. And then the head chef/owner who cheap out but think they’re like the greatest cook ever and that Gordon will love the food, gets completely destroyed. And then they get really annoyed.

  4. Rory Slaine says:

    The chicken steak in the first clip legitimately looked like dog food. Also, I love how Candace recommended the bread pudding to back up her chefs because she knew it was at least freshly made. She’s a real one.

  5. Ayesha Bobat says:

    whoever’s in charge of this channel needs a raise SHEEEEEEESH

  6. Campbell Krawitz says:

    Random chef: “some things are good frozen”

    Yeah, ice cream…that’s about it

  7. Or10n Sharkfin says:

    “I don’t understand why we’re losing business.”
    Ramsay: “Your food is shit.”
    “lol no.”

    • dragon says:

      “We’re losing customers and getting bad reviews, we need help we’ll do anything!”
      “The food is frozen and tastes like crap.”
      “No everyone everywhere loves the food, I’m the greatest chef ever, what do you know?”

    • Kim Bald Un says:

      And then they want gordon to leave like sure bud, goodluck running a business

  8. H i says:

    *_whoever runs the kitchen nightmare youtube account need a raise rn lmao_*

  9. Henrys HowTos says:

    I felt like something was missing from this video, then i realized what…. NINNOOOOOOO!

  10. Skyebunny777 says:

    “the food is shit” had me rolling

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