When the Sidemen will end…

When the Sidemen will end…

Let’s hope it doesn’t end soon, we have nothing left…
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44 Responses

  1. cat says:

    I really really hope the sidemen doesn’t end😭

  2. risk says:

    Imagine how JJ feels knowing Simon has a better beard than him

  3. DereckR says:

    I dont see them ending. No matter what. They are family in the end.

  4. Blue says:

    Hopefully the Sidemen don’t end anytime soon😭😭

  5. Berry says:

    There is one title I don’t want to see and that is “When will the Sidement end’, we need more banger content from the Sidemen! 💎

  6. Car Shorts says:

    Imagine how JJ feels knowing Simon has a better beard than him

  7. Kawtar fashion says:

    Vik has high shooting because of gaming skills

  8. Evan H says:

    It’s mad to see how Simon has grown on Reddit. Road to 300k members!

  9. Minishaw🥺 says:

    No one :
    Simon and Tobi : “ay you’re big time…” “no you’re big time.”

    Watched this video two times already 😂 this duo is jokes man 😂.

  10. Tony Stark says:

    The day the sidemen end should be a universal day of rest and quiet

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