When the white english teacher see the n word during reading😭

When the white english teacher see the n word during reading😭

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37 Responses

  1. Shalllow says:

    Bet you won’t pin this.

  2. dora ramos says:

    The teacher does enjoy it tho

  3. Sleepy Zzz says:

    Lmao ngl I would laugh so hard if they yelled it just like that

  4. luuigii says:

    It brings them so much joy tho 💀 like what’s all the enthusiasm for Ms. Johnson 🤨

  5. Bubbles says:

    In social studies we were studying Africa and there’s a river named the Niger River. Everyone was making a huge deal about it and saying the book was racist. My teacher wrote on the board the difference between Summer and Sumer and said it’s the same difference with Niger and ya know. Then someone said the N word and my teacher said they weren’t allowed to say that word in the classroom. Then a girl said “No we allowed to say it cus we black” my teacher said thats what was racist not the book. I hate my 1/2 block

  6. BestShadow says:

    Had a similiar scenario, when we read an older book.
    But she didn’t said “I have to say it for educational reasons etc.” , she explained, why the word isn’t censored in the book and it’s allowed to stay.

  7. peanuł plat says:

    *_he was definitely holding back the urge to say it until this moment_*

  8. Deadman Isaac says:

    My teachers always said “You all can see the word, I hate that word.”

  9. iTsAri says:

    Fr 😭 ✋🏾my teacher saw the word Damn in a book and they read it with WAY more passion than what they put into there actual teaching

  10. blackstar blues says:

    I had a similar story but my teacher didn’t care he said “it’s in the speech it’s a part of history so I’m not going to censor it, because I bet you guys have heard worse”.

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