When the writers REALLY want to write off a character.

When the writers REALLY want to write off a character.

“Don’t worry I’ll catch up with you”

Oddwin – 19

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38 Responses

  1. 5MadMovieMakers says:

    Maybe he just really doesn’t like riding in Jasper’s car

  2. ProtoMario says:

    Self Sacrifice 100
    Intellect 10

  3. King Kong Beats Godzilla says:

    Zombie leader: “Let’s stop knocking his door.”
    Zombie troops: “Why boss?”
    Zombie Leader: “He’s obviously gonna come outside. It’s his nature.”

  4. Zach says:

    Meanwhile the dude with ten bites on his arm lookin like roadkill: “I can’t die yet, I need to avenge my family!”

    • Sava Kirilov says:

      There is always the one character that takes 50 shots to the head and survives with like 2 scraches on his face and then there is the character that stubs his toe and dies with his head dispatched

    • Let's Drawith Blue! says:

      @26 Mic As a small youtube creator myself, i understand the need you

      feel of trying to reach people’s attention, and tell them that your channel exists…

      but, self-promoting in comment sections is never a good strategy, tha’ll get people to mock you and some might even report you… try doing

      some research about the YouTube algorithm, and other ways of promoting your channel…

      i’d also advise you to delete your comment before this becomes a comment thread and someone reports you… (just for safety)

    • tdugg says:

      that sounds more like anime lol

    • Sava Kirilov says:

      @tdugg it happens in the books i read

  5. Antoine Bandele says:


  6. Juli is Online says:

    Only thing missing is the character randomly talking about some random detail from their past that makes you care for them before they inevitably die.

  7. Anas Aboulfejr says:

    Only thing missing is a full episode dedicated to showing his backstory

  8. Noha says:

    Zombies: “We can’t kill him”

    Character: *Stabs himself*

  9. Dimensional Sponge says:

    “Oh look, people are starting to like this character? Let’s kill them for cheap shock instead of giving them a satisfying character arc.”

  10. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    he just wanted to look cool, even if it cost his life

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