When Trash Talking Goes Horribly Wrong

When Trash Talking Goes Horribly Wrong

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27 Responses

  1. triple og says:

    Jxmy. Never stop these videos. I got into basketball only because of these videos, and it was the best thing ever.

    • RVUL says:

      Well at least you into watching basketball, next step is to get off your couch and ball up.

    • Bradley Sarfo says:

      Same for me in 2016 his videos is what made interested in bball

    • Abel A says:

      @Pasan De Silva I was so happy watching Luka EMBARRASS that clown Booker, after all that trash talking he did against PG and the Clippers without Kawhi last year🤧

    • Abel A says:

      @Pasan De Silva For me, it was because of Paul George in Indiana taking LeBron’s Heat teams to Game 7s in the ECF. I loved it even more after watching PG comeback from that gruesome leg injury. Him and Kobe will always be my favorites🙏🤍🖤

    • Monk Killedababy says:

      Same tbh, his videos are my gateway into the sport. I don’t know anyone who watches it who can explain stuff.

  2. Dallasfan2468 says:

    As a Mavs fan it was so damn satisfying to see the Suns get whooped after talking all that trash. Luka didn’t start it but he sure finished it.

    • Aiden Cortez says:

      I don’t like the Mavs, but with how they dealt with the Suns and with how the Warriors got a fluke win against the Rockets in 2018 I need them to win the Semi’s..

    • DINO92AVFC says:

      As a Nuggets fan it was so damn satisfying, too, because Suns fans kept mocking us “how big of a difference can one player make?” when talking about the lack of Jamal Murray (who, oh btw, has 9 wins in 12 games against the Suns in his career) last year when they swept us. Turns out, CP3 is the major weakness on D and Murray would’ve eaten him for breakfast, it just wasn’t meant to be last year when our back court consisted of Campazzo and Rivers.

    • Friesss says:

      @Fufuwithsauce _23 You’re probably that kid who says cringe to everything

    • Fufuwithsauce _23 says:

      @Simon Hui cringe

    • Srikanth sanaka says:

      Tbh everyone other than suns fans found that very satisfying lol dbook getting smacked and humble is pure bliss

  3. Su Sa says:

    This video is EXACTLY I immediately liked Giannis when I started following the NBA. I know that even if he has a bad game, he is absolutely determined to being the best player that he can be and will always continue to improve. We’ve seen this happen with Giannis’s shooting improving.

  4. crooks d. jango says:

    I always had that “double-team” clip in mind when Devin Booker was mentioned as a great. Flashy offence that crumbles under physical pressure is one my favorite things to see.

  5. Lola Stop thinking says:

    After watching this game and remembering the ‘everybody’s acting tough when they’re up’ I thought to myself this guy has the mamba mentality but instead of a frown he runs around with a massive smile

  6. Pearce Prentis says:

    As always, well said. As a Suns fan, this was gut wrenching and deflating to watch. How do we lose back to back games like this after such a great season. “There’s always next year.”…(laughs at self)

    • Kevin says:

      @Retna1x Suns have more all stars than the Mavs. And Luka literally dropped Booker and Cam Johnson while going for layups and was laying contested daggers for the comeback and win while Booker was doinking shots and shrinking, so idk what world Booker is better in 😭

    • Marvin Derek de Freitas Fávaro says:

      Jazz fan here… I know the feel bro.

    • The Communist Spy says:

      @Retna1x Suns have a way better roster what are you even talking about. Also the mavs are 8-9 without luke while suns are 8-6 without d book

    • Musashi says:

      This is the only year left for you guys. Next year will be more difficult out west. Gsw, griz, healthy clippers and nuggets, and an experienced dallas team are in your way

  7. Jandi says:

    Hey Jimmy thanks for the vid, actually really inspirational for me.

    Sometimes in my life I behave like Booker and CP3, other times, when I succeed, it’s because I behave like Luka.

    This video reminded me of what it takes to rise up to the challenges that life throws. Anyone can do it, it’s all about attitude. Thanks Jimmy

  8. Kristers Lavrinovics says:

    This video was so inspiring, Jimmy spoke like a general before battle, like a true leader, so fu***** inspiring got me pumped up for a workday.
    Ty Jimmy, amazing video!

  9. Phoenix Fire says:

    Bro you have no idea how much this video motivated me. Like I would sometimes give up when I am losing horribly to my brother. And today was no different, but this video gives me a lot of confidence to step up during these types of situations instead of giving up.

  10. Arthur Jackson says:

    This video gave me chills 😭!!! Win or lose…we are witnessing greatness by Luka Doncic!!!

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