WHEN U COLLAB WITH RANDOM PEOPLE IN PUBLIC. (and one of them is actually amazing…)

WHEN U COLLAB WITH RANDOM PEOPLE IN PUBLIC. (and one of them is actually amazing…)


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18 Responses

  1. ClemMedia says:

    Next time. Learn how to hold the camera. That was hard to watch +ClemMedia

  2. echa says:

    bruh keep your camera still theres no need to act like theres a spider on
    your arm.

  3. Michael "Gentle Giant" Brown says:

    Buy my new mix tape on SoundCloud niggaz!

  4. Gurpy Corp says:

    fuck ya music shit 

  5. mummycanwatch says:

    what a fun idea!

  6. Dusty Hamilton says:


  7. Raleigh Burke says:

    I’m officially in love with your channel.

  8. Ḡαღ♭ℓ℮ℳαḓм@η says:

    Should have been a nasty dubstep drop.

  9. Mattamphetamine says:

    I was wondering why the comment section was particulary autistic on this
    video, then it hit me: “Reddit”

  10. Derpalicious VonDerpenstein says:

    1:00 I grew ovaries which just exploded.

  11. Just a Youtuber says:

    las guy was an actor, illuminati confirmed.

  12. BurrBurr1001 says:

    Seriously, why are you still doing this???

    Your creativity is shit.

  13. poshzombie says:

    You’d think after two decades of reality shows people could identify a
    staged moment. That last dude was not ‘random people’.

  14. LantergoAnimations says:

    Are they gonna make an album with all the full songs of these in it?

  15. Tanya Wang says:

    that guy is really good at singing!!! this is awesome!!! except some people
    are SO unfriendly!!!

  16. Gingerbrehdman says:

    I was really hoping the guy would include the people saying NO into the

  17. Rondale Aguinaldo says:

    Make a longer version please :00

  18. Bro ForEver says:

    Why do you not take this song at spotify