When Will The Try Guys Die?

When Will The Try Guys Die?

The guys take a genetic test to find out if they have any mutations in their DNA and visit a general practitioner to discuss the best longevity practices. The second of a special four-part series exploring old age.

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Natasha Bhuyan, M.D.

Genetic Counselor, Color
Kelly Tangney, MS, LCGC

Blood Lab Work
Bren Velarde, Phlebotomist


Emily Leach

Elliot Dickerhoof

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Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld
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38 Responses

  1. Aurelié Jones says:

    When the doctor mentioned about one of them having a positive result I was thinking ‘it’s zach isn’t it’ god Mother Nature can’t give him a break but I love how he responded to it ?

  2. Tabby Launder says:


    Not a single soul:

    Ned: I have a newborn baby.

  3. TheKerberoses says:

    Mother nature hates Zach, But he’s turning it all into inspiration for him and his viewers. I know he probably wants and does cry. I’m glad he has 3 really good friends by his side. Moments like this is and many more he’s endured through different series, is when he’s going to need it. I’m glad he didn’t get the results alone. ❤

    And we are here for him to.

    • AllTimeAmberx says:

      He helps me alot 🙂

    • DoritoDuDe1 :D says:

      3 incredible friends huh, wait until Eugene snaps

    • August Jay the Disaster Gay says:

      he’s an inspiration to me as someone with chronic illnesses who also didn’t expect to live long enough to think about this stuff. seeing him get this far and be happy makes a huge difference for me. he’s inspired me to make some changes and look forward to the future instead of assuming i’ll never get there

    • LetsGoToMarsMan says:

      TheKerberoses ok.

  4. A m o r é says:


    ned: I have a newborn baby at home….

  5. natz_artz_natz_storiez_natz_plays_ nata_kont says:

    Video: *Talking about sleep*
    Me: *Watching at 3am*

  6. iiTocksiK says:

    Keith is literally me, I would wear a gown for a checkup, its just feels so cozy

  7. SkinnyNoodle says:

    Kieth: “That means we all die together!!!!”
    Zack:”Oh my god”

    Eugene: “What?! Just kill me now”

  8. Lara Van says:

    “-I also have scoliosis”
    ZACK, ZACK, ZACK listen I have/had scoliosis (depends when you read this) and I had to wear a brace every single day for 5-6 years now and it well sucked but it got better thanks to that brace and that dedication also that post about you talking about how your gonna improve on working on you medical problems “I’m getting worse” well I wrote it all on 3 pieces of paper and it’s now on my wall reminding me that I’m not alone……so I can relate I know your not gonna see this but I hope others fo and can see what i’ve gone through so…….

    stay positive Zack 😀

  9. Kurumi Shinoda says:

    My parents: “Stop sleeping 20 hours a day.”


  10. LittleZari says:

    The two ladies are both so kind! Better than the Tinder lady anyway.

  11. merritt scherer says:

    *nobody: h-*
    *keith: this gown has a fRONt cLASP*

  12. Gallifreyan_Hunter says:

    Modern medicine is like, “Nah, you can hang out for a little longer.”
    I don’t think I’ve ever related more XD It’s, ok, bud. My body is trying to kill me too.

  13. LittleZari says:

    “I would say… All three of you.”

    Damn, the PCP lady is a savage.

    • John Francis Doe says:

      LittleZari She’s not their PCP. Or what Europeans call their family doctor or house doctor.

  14. Caroline Keen says:

    When Wes is in high school:
    Ned: “So, I have an energetic toddler at home.”

    • Tyler says:

      Lol like, how is Wes still a newborn

    • MichaelaSaysHai :3 says:

      Tyler they could have filmed this earlier on but decided to save it for this series

    • Edleen Agarao says:

      +MichaelaSaysHai :3 regardless, 3 mos and above is not considered as newborn anymore. Clips of wes in this video looks like he’s 6 mos or older.

    • Caroline Keen says:

      But like actually tho. He’s gonna be one of those parents who’s like “Don’t leave me!” when he’s goes off to college.

  15. Nina Gutierrez says:

    Keith: In the last year or so health has been a really big priority for me

    *eats entire menu of 15 fast food restaurants* ?

  16. NeonCascade says:

    Zach’s voice got so shaky. Broke my heart

  17. ☆SLIMERFY☆ says:

    no one:
    keith: sO THat MeAnS i CaN STiL haVe FRried chIcKEn?

  18. Jo Candyish says:

    Doctor: um fried chicken may not be the best thing for your cholesterol
    Keith: um I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the crunch of my crispy chicken breast.

  19. Lu-Chan says:

    Inhale for 7 seconds
    Me: Proceeds to do so
    Exhale for 5
    Me: Goes ahead and does it
    Now inhale for 8 seconds
    (Ned’s face is seen plastered on a man on the waterfall)
    Me: *Chokes on Air*

  20. 1234MRPUPPY says:

    “The try guys became the die guys” I didn’t see the quote and was shocked ????? this song has to be played at their funerals

    • 1234MRPUPPY says:

      “We saw people get burned alive, we saw people drown drown in a maze, we saw people have sex before they died, we saw people go into a craze of laughter that murdered them, you have murdered all my sims, the try guys became the die guys.

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