When Will We See The X-Men In the MCU? – SJU

When Will We See The X-Men In the MCU? – SJU

The SJ News crew talk X-Men in the MCU, Kevin Feige on the Disney/Fox deal, House of Cards new season, and a new DC Superman show! (without Superman) – It’s SJU!


Roth Cornet
Dan Murrell
Billy Business
Joe Starr

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39 Responses

  1. jumpydrummer says:

    Hey y’all. You’re doing great and i love the new format of all the new videos. Keep on keepin on <3

  2. TheAceVsKnight VsKnight says:

    Didn’t Feige say he planned 20 future movies already?

    I 100% sure he has something insane for us.

  3. mse63 says:

    I never related to Roth more than now as she kept she mentioning Fringe every 5 minutes. <3

  4. Laura P says:

    You know what other superhero TV show was secretly brilliant but didn’t stick to its convictions: Lois & Clark. Yes, you read that correctly! I know Lois & Clark is widely derided by fans of the comics, but the first season is actually kinda awesome — if you embrace the intention of the show. It’s a romantic comedy with light-hearted crime plots and bucket-loads of camp! What’s not to love?! There’s great character work, funny banter and Lex Luthor is even a credible romantic foil to Clark Kent. Sometimes there are delightfully silly villains, other times there are sinister corporate conspiracies. In some ways, Lois & Clark actually revolutionised the depiction of Superman on screen – before Lois & Clark, the Clark Kent persona was portrayed as a goofy disguise. After Deborah Joy LeVine left, the show lost several of its best actors, and the network changed the entire direction of the show. They brought in more stuff from the comics, but only in mediocre, substandard forms. I will concede the show was frequently atrocious by the end of its run. However, I still maintain Lois & Clark is grossly underrated and desperately deserves a revisit, provided you accept it on its own jubilant, silly terms.

  5. Mark says:

    Love this show! Love these people! Always great insights and a good balance between facts and fun. I look forward to these episodes after work every day!

  6. Megan Robinson says:

    I don’t trust the MCU in anybody else’s hand

  7. Mohammad Fletcher says:

    Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge! 😍😍😍😍

  8. mango patso says:

    100% totally agree with Dan about Marvel taking its time.

  9. XO Flow says:

    Life will find a way!

  10. Dalton Deverell says:

    Billy’s right on house of cards its pretty boring when frank is president

  11. DrSmokeTrees says:

    There is no way that Kevin feige doesn’t already have 20 different plans on how to bring in the X-Men and Fantastic Four. He’s an actual comic book nerd that’s the sort of shit he spends his off time thinking about.

  12. Spencer Creaghan says:

    I’m with Dan on the notion of not waiting to Rush in too soon. I always kind of hoped that after Avengers 4, the MCU would mic drop and leave the game for a few years to a decade. Let the collected world rise them up with nostalgia and then come back with a BANG after that amount of time had past

  13. ryan says:

    i don’t think Feige is gonna leave the MCU he’s wanted this for so long and he still seems like passionate for the characters and stories!

  14. Cool Hand Lucille says:

    Please don’t continue this conversation for 17 months.

  15. Ricky Jaramillo says:

    To be honest, I think it’s better if the X-men universe and the MCU just stay separate from each other

    • alexh4319 says:

      Ricky Jaramillo Even if the X-Men goes into the MCU that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have Wolverine hanging out with Iron Man or whatever. In the comics, even though The X-Men share the same world as Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Avengers they still very rarely interact with the wider Marvel universe. Their stories in the comics almost always have them by themselves.

      To add that, a lot of the MCU characters probably aren’t making it out—Iron Man might bite it, Cap might bite it and a lot of the main Avengers actors contracts are to expire by 2019 so Marvel will be prompted to retire a lot the characters anyway(at least for a while before the inevitable recasting) so they have to focus on other characters.

    • Wet TOMATO says:

      Ricky Jaramillo shut up

  16. Simon James says:

    I don’t see Kevin Feige leaving anytime soon and Disney wouldn’t want to let him go because why would they want to mess with what has made the MCU so successful. It would just be bad PR and cause uncertainty. Also Kevin Feige was an intern and an assistant for Lauren Shuler Donner. He also was an associate producer on the first X-Men movie. He now would have the chance to bring those characters to life the way he sees it. He could make the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters great again and further establish his legacy.

  17. WinterHell says:

    Kevin Feige is the Steve Jobs of cinematic universes. No one else has had such a clear vision of how to create a coherent ecosystem of standalone films, origin stories, sequels, superhero teamups, crossovers, cameos, and make the whole thing feel organic and integrated. Those are mighty big shoes to fill when and if Feige retires.

  18. Julian Röth says:

    I love how when there is an episode without Roth I’m like “sure, why not” and then the next episode I’m like “I didn’t know how much I’ve missed that voice”

  19. edsbigsister says:

    I loved Smallville! I watched all 10 years too (even the crappy witch year) and I want more Superman, not the settings without him. That doesn’t make sense.

  20. Athena Jaxon says:

    Am I the only one who dosen’t care when the Fox and Marvel characters get together in the movies? There’s more than enough rich characters in the MCU and I enjoy the X-men movies the only thing I’d like to see is the Fantastic four

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